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How to Get a Boho-Chic Look

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: July 3, 2019
How to Get a Boho-Chic Look

The combination of bohemian and hippie styles has led to the appearance of a new style: boho-chic. Famous Hollywood women are associated with this new boho look that combines laid-back but yet chic style, including Selena Gomez, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Mary-Kate Olsen.

At oneHOWTO we give you the lowdown on how to get a boho-chic look and dazzle with a unique style reminiscent of nature, effortless beauty and freedom.

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Color palette and fabric for a boho chic look

To get a boho look, it's important to keep colors as natural as possible. Go for colors from a nature-inspired palette: green, blue, brown, orange and yellow. Moreover, patterns that reminisce on tribal and ethnic related patterns. Therefore, flower prints will also be a great addition to your boho-chic outfit.

The type of fabric is also important when creating your boho-chic look, as you will generally go for natural fabrics such as cotton and vaporous flows that will net the clothes item flow. Lace is also a key part of this look as it gives the appearance of a handmade, natural garment, something highly sought after in boho-chic fashion.

Boho-chic dress & skirt

The perfect clothing item for a boho look has to be the maxi dresses. Long dresses are the most appropriate base to your look, as they incorporate the 60's hippie vibe without losing in femininity. Flowered, with an ethnic print or paisley, the color combination of your maxi dress á la Jemima Kirke will give you the color palette you need to use for the rest of the outfit, including accessories such as necklaces, rings, bracelets and hats.

Don't know what to put on your feet? Take a look at our article on what shoes to wear with a maxi dress for more information.

Another option is to go for a maxi skirt, which are best in a monochrome tone, so you can combine the top (sleeveless t-shirt, vaporous shirt...) in another color that matches or play with prints on your top part. In this case, a great accessory to go with it is a long silver boho-chic necklace.

No matter what you choose, go for lightweight materials that create a vaporous look and that create plenty of waves while you walk.

How to Get a Boho-Chic Look - Boho-chic dress & skirt
Image: moda.otiummadrid.com

Boho chic top

To get a boho-chic look you have plenty of choice to wear as a top! It will all depend on the time of year and what you're wearing as bottoms.

Cropped t-shirts with an ethnic print, white lace tops or frilled t-shirts are great for summer festivals and beach days. However, you should keep the top monochrome if you have a printed bottom part. The best colors to choose from are white, grey and black, you'll never fail!

On the other hand, if you choose to wear a loose blouse, try combining it with frayed denim shorts to give a sexy touch to your boho-chic look. If you prefer to wear a maxi skirt, we suggest teaming it with a t-shirt or fitted top to enhance your feminine figure.

How to Get a Boho-Chic Look - Boho chic top
Image: pinterest

Boho chic waistcoats, ponchos and layering

Layering is a great part of the boho look, even though adding too many layers can make you look a bit too eclectic, this is why we'd like to give you some advice as to how to layer your clothes properly.

Kimono type jackets and lace jackets are a lighter option for the summer months and are great for a cold night.

The whimsical waistcoat is a must-have for your boho-chic style. Wearing a waistcoat will give your bohemian look a unique twist. You can choose a denim waistcoat which will go with almost anything else you wear, or if you prefer, try a more ethnic style with a fringed waistcoat.

On the other hand, a poncho is also a great way to keep your boho look in winter, no matter if it's in one color or in an ethnic pattern. It will look best with long jeans and high boots, although you can also combine it with skirts too. Similar to the poncho is the cape, which is also great for cold weather but will let you show off the clothes you have underneath, so you need to be extra careful with the pattern and color combination you use. For more boho winter tips, check our article on how to dress boho in winter.

How to Get a Boho-Chic Look - Boho chic waistcoats, ponchos and layering
Image: pinterest

Boho chic pants

Who said you can't wear pants for a boho chic look? Short jeans are great if you have the figure to flaunt them. This way you can play with patterned tops and kimonos that will give you a great youthful look.

However, it's not all jeans. You can also go for bell bottom pants, they look especially great with a total look, with your top matching the bottom's print.

Baggy pants or pantaloons are also a great choice for your boho chic look, but you should make sure you combine it with a tighter top if you don't want to look too baggy.

How to Get a Boho-Chic Look - Boho chic pants
Image: pinterest

Boho chic hair

Loose hair and plenty of accessories Another key to boho-chic style is a casual, loose hairstyle. Many people opt to let their hair down completely or wear it in a fishtail braid, which gives it a disheveled but healthy look.

To get a boho-chic look you could go for wavy hair and fill it with accessories that draw inspiration from nature: a flowery headband, clip-on feathers, or pins with leaf shapes. Another idea is boho braided hairstyles.

You can also put accessories in your hair like headscarves or hats which are often used to give a personal and unique touch to the boho-chic look.

Borsalino hats are also a great option for both winter and summer. They will look great no matter what you're wearing!

How to Get a Boho-Chic Look - Boho chic hair

Boho chic bags

Handbags To know how to get a boho-chic style you have to look at all the details and your handbag is one you shouldn't forget. The ideal bags for this style have long straps and are worn over the shoulder. Look for one with ethnic details, or a fringed or studded bag.

Backpacks are also a great option to take your belongings in. Small, printed and made with natural materials such as canvas are the best option.

Tote bags are another option you can choose from. Find one with a meaningful message or a festival you went to in order to complete your look.

How to Get a Boho-Chic Look - Boho chic bags
Image: pinterest

Boho chic jewelry

Freedom to accessorize! If you want to get a boho-chic look, it's important not to hold back when accessorizing your outfit. For example, wear a variety of jewelry with this look: over-sized necklaces, big earrings, and loads of rings and bracelets.

Silver is one of the most popular materials to go for when it comes to jewelry, especially if they have turquoise stones or other big gemstones in them.

When it comes to rings, add as many as you like, and midi rings are also a great option if you want to go into further detail.

Necklaces should be long and, if you want to add more than one, play with different lengths.

Anklets and arm bands are also a great addition to your boho chic look.

Sunglasses are also a great addition to your boho-chic style, especially ones with a large, round frame, John Lennon style. The rule is... there are no rules! So mix and match anything you want, abandoning minimalism and simplicity.

You can make your own boho jewellery. The key is to use loads of accessories to show off a wild but very feminine look.

How to Get a Boho-Chic Look - Boho chic jewelry
Image: pinterest

Boho chic shoes

Last but not least, what you wear on your feet for your boho chic look is equally important as the rest of the outfit.

For summer months, go for gladiator sandals, if they have tassels on them all the better. If you want some extra height, canvas wedges or espadrilles will also give you a Mediterranean hippy touch. Remember to keep the shoes simple if you've already got a lot of patterns on you, but go wild if you are using monochrome garments.

For winter, opt for diy decorated boho boots. Cowboy boots or combat boots are a must for the colder months, although ballet flats are also acceptable for a boho look.

How to Get a Boho-Chic Look - Boho chic shoes
Image: pinterest

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