What Shoes to Wear with a Maxi Dress

By Alice T Breeze. July 4, 2017
What Shoes to Wear with a Maxi Dress

You may think that wearing a maxi dress means that you don't have to make much of a fuss with your shoes but, truth be told, they could peep their heads out and could make the difference when nailing your outfit. The shoes you decide to wear with a maxi dress will depend on the style of the dress, color occasion and season, so there is really no right answer if you're asking yourself what shoes to wear with a maxi dress. This is why oneHOWTO would like to give you the most complete guide to combine shoes with a maxi dress, taking into account all of the variables pointed out above, so you can feel like Cinderella when you put on the right shoe.

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Shoes to wear with formal maxi dress

Maxi dresses are the perfect choice for nighttime formal attire, as protocol marks that women should wear under-the-knee clothing. No matter if it's a red carpet, a cocktail party or a wedding, the best shoes to wear with a formal maxi dress are simple heeled sandals. You won't want to be the center of attention, which is why the safest choice is to go for nude colored shoes, as they will match any color maxi dress. Thin strip high-heel shoes will give your outfit a sophisticated yet low-key touch.

Shoes for a wedding guest maxi dress

Wearing a maxi dress as a wedding guest is a great option and the tips above may also apply, though our tips on what shoes to wear need a special focus of attention on wedding attire. Stilettos or pencil heels in the same color as your maxi dress will also look great. If you're very tall and don't want to add to your height, a nice pair of ballet flats can also do the trick as long as they are a neutral color and don't have too many embellishments.

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Shoes to wear with a boho maxi dress

For some years now, the boho chic look has stepped into fashion in a big way, and maxi dresses are an important staple to master this style. Whether in summer or in winter, your boho style will look top-notch with these shoe ideas.

  • Espardilles: They are the perfect addition for a summer boho maxi dress when you want a casual look that serves for both the city and the beach.
  • Roman sandals: Another great way to combine your boho maxi dress during the spring and summer months, especially if the dress has a slit, as it will add to the look.
  • Converse shoes: No matter the season, the laid back nature of the boho maxi dress will allow you to walk comfortably wherever you go. The classic All Stars will look great with a boho maxi dress.
  • Cowboy boots: This may be our favorite style, especially if you want to give your boho style a country twist. Customize your cowboy boots for a more unique look.
  • Wedges: If you need a little extra height, combine your boho dress with wedges, which will give you a slightly more formal look but will still keep the boho vibe going.
  • Combat boots: Choose a pair of colorful combat boots to mach your boho maxi dress and really create a statement. Trust us, they will look fabulous as a low-key addition to your outfit.
  • Flat sandals: Great for a boho white maxi dress. Reminisce on the 60's hippy Ibiza style with a simple pair of flat sandals in any color, though brown and beige are the most recommendable choice.
What Shoes to Wear with a Maxi Dress - Shoes to wear with a boho maxi dress
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Shoes to wear with a maxi dress in winter

Who said that maxi dresses are only for good weather? Put on a jacket, jumper or wear a long sleeve maxi dress and make a difference in your winter closet. There are many styles of shoes to wear with a maxi dress in winter, and it will largely depend on the type of maxi dress you're wearing and the occasion.

  • Pumps: Pumps or peep-toes are great for a winter maxi dress if you're looking for shoes for a more formal event. These shoes are great for a long sleeve maxi dress, as wearing open stilettos will probably freeze your toes!
  • Sneakers: Looking for a casual-chic look? Any sneakers can look fantastic with a maxi dress in winter, as it will give you that low-key style you're looking for in your casual attire.
  • Ankle-length boots: One of the best shoes to wear with a maxi dress in winter are ankle length boots. No matter if they have a heel, wedge or are completely flat, they are the perfect combination to stay warm and still look your best.
What Shoes to Wear with a Maxi Dress - Shoes to wear with a maxi dress in winter
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Shoes to wear with a summer maxi dress

A summer maxi dress will look beautiful for a sunny day out or a delicious outdoor evening meal. In summer, it's important to let your feet breathe in order to avoid fungus and athlete's foot, which is why open shoes will be a must shoe for your summer dress.

  • Sandals: Choose sandals if you're looking for shoes for a beach maxi dress. They are highly comfortable (always go for flats), and there are many colors and styles you can combine depending on the color of your dress.
  • Wedges: Great for summer semi-formal events, as they are comfortable and will let your feet breathe properly.
  • Gladiators: Also known as roman sandals, they will look especially good on those of you who are tall.
  • Barefoot: You may be thinking we've gone insane. But if you are planning to go to the beach with your maxi dress, flaunting your perfect feet is not such a bad idea. Some beach towns around the world see thousands of people walking around barefoot during summer months, so why not give it a try?
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Petite maxi dress

Some women may be put off by maxi dresses due to their petite size. However, don't ever think you can't pull it off just because of your height! The trick is to make sure your maxi dress does not cover your feet, as this will make you look even smaller, so make sure you can see your feet and shoes when wearing the dress. Moreover, it's not recommended to wear high length boots or gladiators, as this will shorten your figure too. Instead, wear ankle length shoes, no matter the season, occasion and color of your maxi dress, there's the perfect combination waiting for you!

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What Shoes to Wear with a Maxi Dress
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Image: emmacloth,wheretoget, glamradar
Image: pinterest
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Image: next, asos
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What Shoes to Wear with a Maxi Dress

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