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My Tattoo Looks Wrinkly

My Tattoo Looks Wrinkly

If you have recently had a tattoo performed, you should be told by the tattoo artist that there certain things you will need to do to look after it. Caring for a new tattoo is important not only to avoid infection, but also to ensure the quality of the tattoo is maintained as best as possible. It will also help to avoid redness, irritation or the appearance of bumps. Since tattoos cause abrasions to the skin, we need to let them heal as best as possible.

One of the most common problems is when the tattoo looks wrinkled. At oneHOWTO, we look at what happens when your tattoo looks wrinkly. We understand why this occurs and provide you with some tips to help treat this problem.

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  1. Reasons my tattoo looks wrinkly
  2. How to treat a wrinkled tattoo
  3. How to care for a fresh tattoo

Reasons my tattoo looks wrinkly

A newly inked tattoo is an injury to the skin, which is why it requires such precise care. Although it is true that the healing of a tattoo is completed in approximately 15-30 days, this process can take more or less time. This is due to the area of skin it is tattooed, the skin type, the size of the tattoo and other factors.

But why is my tattoo wrinkled? What are the main reasons why tattoos become damaged?

  • The healing process: fresh tattoos can take several weeks to fully heal. For this reason, it is absolutely normal for the affected skin area to undergo some transformations. These include the first layer of dead skin taking on a shiny and wrinkled appearance, like a scab on a wound. As the days go by, this wrinkled aspect should diminish until it disappears completely, so be patient and follow the tattooist's instructions strictly to avoid other problems.

  • Hydration problems: if the skin is not sufficiently hydrated, it could become dry and wrinkly. It could also happen that you were over-hydrating the healing tattoo. However, in this case it is more likely you will see small pimples or bumps start to develop on the tattoo. This is one of the clearest symptoms of overhydration. Discover in this other article why pimples appear in the tattoo and how to avoid them.

  • Skin type: there are skin types that take longer to heal than others, so the wrinkled and shiny look of the tattoo could last for longer in some cases. This will also depend on the part of the body where you get the tattoo. If they are performed on areas where the skin is already somewhat wrinkled or where it is more delicate (hands, feet, etc.) it may also be wrinkled during the first 3-4 weeks.

  • Lack of care: a lack of daily care can cause the tattooed skin to wrinkle. Remember that having a recent tattoo is like getting a wound, so we recommend not skipping the recommendations of the tattoo artist for a single day.
My Tattoo Looks Wrinkly - Reasons my tattoo looks wrinkly

How to treat a wrinkled tattoo

First of all, before getting a tattoo you have to be aware of the different healing phases of the tattoo to know what is normal for your skin and what may be an indication that there are other problems. A wrinkled tattoo is something very common that is solved with the correct treatment. However, as you can see by the causes of a wrinkly tattoo, this is often a simple case of waiting.

However, there are some things we need to ensure we do to prevent wrinkles. The first is to wash the tattoo area with antibacterial soap and water, using only your hands. It is best to use a pH neutral product Do not use scrubbing pads or anything at all abrasive. They can irritate the skin and weaken the appearance of the tattoo. It can even lead to your tattoo becoming infected.

We will also need to avoid over moisturizing the tattoo. There are certain creams (such as Bepanthen) which are ideal for moisturizing tattoos. Do not overuse it and only put a thin layer on according to the instructions given by the tattoo artist. Some people use Vaseline, but look at our article here to determine if Vaseline is good for your tattoo.

If after approximately five weeks the tattoo is still wrinkled, itchy, inflamed or its edges are red, your skin may be having an abnormal reaction to the ink. We recommend visiting a specialist to receive the appropriate treatment.

My Tattoo Looks Wrinkly - How to treat a wrinkled tattoo

How to care for a fresh tattoo

If you're wondering how to prevent a tattoo from wrinkling, the most basic thing you'll need to do is learn how to care for a fresh tattoo. We have already stated the importance of respecting the tattoo healing process, so below we offer you some tips to help you familiarize yourself with the care of the newly inked tattoo.

  • Specialized products: after making your design, the tattoo artist will recommend a special cream so that the tattoo heals best. This is usually applied 2 to 3 times a day every 8 hours for the first week, although this may vary depending on your tattoo and the type of skin you have.
  • Wait a reasonable time: do not touch your new tattoo until at least 2-5 hours have passed. The tattoo artist will inform you of the waiting time that you will have to respect in your case. They will likely wrap the tattoo in plastic wrap at the studio.
  • Clean yourself: every time you go to clean your tattoo, do it with cold water and pH neutral soap that does not contain any type of smell or perfume. Generally, the more natural, the better.
  • Dry yourself well: whenever your tattoo gets wet, proceed to dry it well and very carefully, always giving small delicate touches with a towel on the area, but never rubbing.
  • What you should avoid: avoid abusing moisturizers and ointments prescribed by the tattoo artist, as overhydration can become your tattoo's worst enemy. Also avoid bathing in the sea or exposing your tattoo to solar radiation.

If your tattoo is looking like it has become infected, you can look at our article on how to heal an infected tattoo. Wrinkles are not the only sign there is a problem with your tattoo. If your tattoo ink is peeling and coming off, it could be a sign you need to go back to the tattoo studio.

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