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Is Vaseline Good for Tattoo Aftercare?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: April 2, 2019
Is Vaseline Good for Tattoo Aftercare?

What exactly happen to the skin when you get a tattoo? This art form is characterized by a needle that punctures the skin while injecting ink into the epidermis. The process of tattooing causes initial damage to the skin, which then heals into permanent body art. In order for a tattoo to heal properly, basic care is required. One needs to avoid direct sunlight and make sure this lesion is well moisturized to favor the healing process and prevent infection. But, what should I put on my tattoo? There are many creams and ointments on the market said to be appropriate for tattoo care, but which is the best?

There are many people who recommend using Vaseline for fresh tattoos. But, is Vaseline good for tattoos? Can you use petroleum jelly on tattoos? Keep reading here at oneHOWTO to find out. Here, where we aim to discuss the pros and cons of Vaseline for tattoos.

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  1. Vaseline for tattoos: properties
  2. Is vaseline good for tattoos?
  3. What to put on a new tattoo: Vaseline or Bepanthen
  4. How to care for a new tattoo

Vaseline for tattoos: properties

Vaseline is a petroleum jelly made up of a composition rich in saturated carbon chains. This results in a thick textured product which is used as an ingredient for many creams and ointments. In addition to its greasy texture, Vaseline is characterized by the following properties and uses:

  • Emollient properties: helps to protect and calm symptoms of dry skin.
  • Healing properties: moisturizes and promotes wound healing.
  • Impermeable properties: softens the thickening of the outermost layers of the skin.
  • Adhesive properties: After application on the skin, petroleum jelly stays holds longer effectiveness.
  • Occlusive properties: prevents evaporation of water.

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Is Vaseline Good for Tattoo Aftercare? - Vaseline for tattoos: properties

Is vaseline good for tattoos?

As we’ve already mentioned, many people recommend the use of Vaseline to treat fresh tattoos. But, the question still remains, is Vaseline lotion good for tattoos?

Although many people recommend the use of Vaseline for tattoos, there are more cons than pros when it comes to this type of tattoo aftercare. Yes, Vaseline is a very good moisturizer but it can cause actually worsen or stunt a tattoo’s healing process.

Vaseline is a very thick and greasy product derived from oily compounds. So by putting Vaseline on a tattoo, it can clog the pores and reduce oxygenation and as a consequence, it can slow down the tattoo healing process. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of Vaseline for tattoo healing.

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What to put on a new tattoo: Vaseline or Bepanthen

As we’ve already mentioned above, due to its oily composition, we don’t recommend the use of petroleum jelly as a tattoo healing product. So, what is the best cream for tattoo healing?

Keeping your new tattoo well moisturized is essential! Therefore, it is important that you opt for specific moisturizing product for tattoos that do not contain oils or perfumes, such as Bepanthen. Bepanthen is an excellent cream for tattoo healing, especially because it contains the following compounds:

  • Dexpanthenol: this substance helps enhance the properties of vitamin B5. Therefore, it is a compound that favors the regeneration of damaged tissue.
  • Emollient substances: thanks to these, Bepanthen holds both moisturizing and soothing properties that favor tattoo healing and soothes symptoms such as itching and/or pain. In addition, bepanthen is easily absorbed by the skin, unlike Vaseline.

Another common question when it comes to what to put on a new tattoo is the use of Aquaphor. Is Aquaphor good for tattoos? Aquaphor is an ointment cream made of petroleum jelly and other beneficial skin healing properties. It is also often recommended for tattoo aftercare. Aquaphor is incredibly moisturizing and can soothe inflammation, therefore, you can also opt for the use of Aquaphor healing ointment on your tattoo.

How to care for a new tattoo

Here are some top tips you should take into consideration when caring for a new tattoo:

  1. Make sure to leave the tattoo-artist applied bandage on for up to 8 hours.
  2. Always make sure your hands are CLEAN before touching your tattoo!
  3. Rinse your tattoo which anti-bacterial scent-free soap.
  4. ONLY pat try, do not rub your tattoo.
  5. Wear loose clothes so that they do not stick to your tattoo.
  6. Peeling after about 3 days is NORMAL, don’t worry! DO NOT pick off the skin, just carry on applying ointment for about 2-3 weeks, 2-3 times a day, until your tattoo has completely healed.

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Is Vaseline Good for Tattoo Aftercare?