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How to Tell a Fake Guess Bag From a Real One

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: December 22, 2023
How to Tell a Fake Guess Bag From a Real One

With their sleek designs and iconic logos, Guess bags have become a coveted fashion staple. But with soaring popularity comes a dark side: a flood of counterfeit products infiltrating the market. Don't get caught in the web of scams! Learn how to spot a real Guess bag from a cheap imitation and ensure you're investing in quality and authenticity.

In this guide by oneHOWTO, we'll unveil the secrets behind the iconic triangle logo, and teach you how to tell a fake Guess bag from a real one.

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Steps to follow:


Check the logo:

Pay close attention to the Guess logo. Check for clarity, font consistency, and overall quality. Counterfeit bags may have poorly executed or slightly altered logos.

Additionally, some Guess bags feature engraved logos or branding. The engraving should be sharp, consistent, and free of errors.


Quality of materials:

Authentic Guess bags are made from high-quality materials. Examine the stitching, zippers, and any hardware on the bag. Genuine Guess products are well-constructed with precise stitching and sturdy hardware. Zippers, buckles, and clasps should be high-quality, smooth-operating metal.

Counterfeit bags may have uneven stitching, low-quality zippers, or cheap hardware. Look for consistent patterns and color distribution. Mismatched patterns, bleeding dyes, or blurry prints are likely signs of a fake.

Genuine Guess bags use high-quality leather, vegan leather, or canvas. The material should feel smooth, supple, and durable. Rough, peeling, or flimsy materials are suspect. Keep in mind that real leather usually has a distinct, natural scent. A strong chemical odor often indicates synthetic materials used in fakes.


Authenticity labels and tags:

Genuine Guess bags usually come with tags and labels that include information about the product, such as material composition, care instructions, and serial numbers. Check for spelling errors, inconsistent fonts, or missing information on these labels, as these can be signs of a fake.

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If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Authentic Guess bags are not sold at significantly discounted prices. Be cautious if the bag's price is much lower than the retail price, as it may be a red flag for a counterfeit product, especially on unfamiliar websites. Stick to authorized retailers or reputable online platforms.

Always request a receipt from a reputable retailer. This serves as proof of purchase and helps with returns if needed.



Authentic Guess bags come with proper packaging, including dust bags and tags. Examine the quality of the packaging for signs of authenticity. Counterfeit bags may come in substandard or poorly printed packaging.


Research and compare:

Familiarize yourself with the specific details of the Guess bag you are interested in. Compare it with authentic images available on the official Guess website or authorized retailers. Look for any discrepancies in design, color, or details.

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How to Tell a Fake Guess Bag From a Real One - Step 6

Inspect the interior:

Counterfeit bags often have poor-quality linings and interior finishes. Check the interior of the bag for consistent stitching, quality lining material, and accurate placement of labels and tags.

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  • Do not buy this kind of product in small stores.
  • Always go to a specialist centre.
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Always wanting to own 1, I decided to check online at a proper Guess Shop in a reputable mall. All the guess bags in the store including the Polo all say PU leather which I believe is fake leather. In fact genuine leather bags elsewhere are way cheaper
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How to Tell a Fake Guess Bag From a Real One