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All the Different Types of Bags and Their Uses

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
All the Different Types of Bags and Their Uses

When people go out for bag shopping they are often confused about selecting a bag. This is because there are so many different types of bags and each has a different name. The best way to select a bag is to know what you will need it for and the type of bag best suited for it.

In this article we will know about the different types of Bags and their Uses.

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  1. Backpack
  2. Baguette Bag
  3. Clutch Bag
  4. Fold over Clutch
  5. Messenger Bags
  6. Tote
  7. Duffel Bags
  8. Hobo Bag
  9. Crossbody bags


A backpack, also known as rucksack (UK), is a bag which lies on the back. It has double handles which support the bag when the wearer wears it on one or both shoulders.

Use: Backpacks can be used to carry heavy loads or any other equipment. So, it is mostly preferred by students and hikers.

All the Different Types of Bags and Their Uses - Backpack
Image: en.wikimedia.org

Baguette Bag

Named after the French baguette bread due to their likeness in shape, the Baguette bag is a rectangular bag which is quite long from side and small from top to bottom. It is designed as a clutch purse but has the roominess of a tote bag.

Use: A large baguette bag is ideal for a typical workday as it has roomy interior. A small baguette bag is ideal for a night out.

All the Different Types of Bags and Their Uses - Baguette Bag

Clutch Bag

A clutch bag is rectangular in shape which is of long length and smaller sides. It is called clutch bag due to the way it is held as it doesn’t have a handle and hence the person carrying it has to clutch it. Nowadays clutches can be found in many different shapes like triangles, hearts and even in square shapes.

Use: It can hold a few necessities like credit cards, driver’s license, cellphones etc. So, it is usually used by women when they don’t need to carry a lot of accessories around.

All the Different Types of Bags and Their Uses - Clutch Bag

Fold over Clutch

A fold over Clutch is a clutch which can either have a handle or not. The handle can be tucked or folded.

Use: It is used similarly as a clutch.

All the Different Types of Bags and Their Uses - Fold over Clutch
Image: respicemiami

Messenger Bags

Messenger Bags are also sometimes known as Courier bags or satchel bags which are rectangular in shape. The messenger bag has a strap which is attached to both ends of the bag with which it is worn over one shoulder. It has a flap which folds over the top of bag which protects the content from rain. It goes well with a boho look.

Use: Messenger Bag can be used for everyday use as it can be used for carrying books, files and other items used for work and school. It can also be used to carry Laptops and is often used as a Laptop bag.

All the Different Types of Bags and Their Uses - Messenger Bags
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A Tote is a large, double handled bag with an open top. It has two straps.

Use: A Tote bag is large and hence can carry anything. So, it is openly used for shopping or to wear when you go to the beach.

All the Different Types of Bags and Their Uses - Tote
Image: flickr.com

Duffel Bags

Duffel Bag was originally made in Belgium using tailored cloth. It is a large cylindrical bag.

Use: Duffel bags can carry luggage which is heavy and which takes more space than standard hand bags. So, it is used for travel, sports and other under circumstances, especially when conditions are expected to be rough.

All the Different Types of Bags and Their Uses - Duffel Bags
Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Hobo Bag

A Hobo Bag is a large, crescent shaped shoulder bag. It has a main compartment closure. It is made of soft, flexible material which slumps or slouches when set down.

Use: Hobo bags can be used when you need to pack lots of things for occasions like going to a beach party, sports outings or day trips.

All the Different Types of Bags and Their Uses - Hobo Bag
Image: upscalehype

Crossbody bags

Crossbody bags come in several shapes and sizes, though they are mainly small. Their main characteristic is that the handle of the bag is long, which allows you to wear it across your chest. A variant of the crossbody bag is the bucket bag, which closes at the top with a strap that secures the content and is usually shaped as a sack.

Use: These are ideal for a night out or in situations where you fear your bag might be stolen, as it is more difficult for a potential thief to pull your bag off if it is crossed over your body.

All the Different Types of Bags and Their Uses - Crossbody bags
Image: ronron93.wordpress.com

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All the Different Types of Bags and Their Uses