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The Return of the Y2K Fashion

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. July 26, 2022
The Return of the Y2K Fashion

Fashion is often perceived as a constant journey through time, but in reality, fashion never returns exaclty the same. Rather, it is a reinterpretation of esthetics and concept, adapting to the new cultural and social context of the moment. The 2000s were a strange and experimental time for fashion that we all thought we would never see again. However, a few months ago, the style marked by its pop influence has started to go viral again. Little by little we have witnessed the rise of hip jeans, pleated mini skirts, platforms and so on.

In the following oneHOWTO article, you will learn everything you need to know about the return of Y2K fashion and how to renew your closet with the most important garments.

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  1. What is the Y2K Aesthetic?
  2. Flare Jeans
  3. Fit and patterned tops
  4. Platform boots
  5. Jeans with dresses
  6. Wide belts
  7. Fur coats
  8. Cargo pants
  9. Babydoll dresses

What is the Y2K Aesthetic?

The Y2K esthetic is radical and inspired by the mid-90s and early 2000s, when the Internet was becoming more popular. This style is typically quite futuristic with a slight retro touch. Shiny materials, chunky sneakers, pleated skirts, baguette bags and colorful sunglasses are characteristic. Given the huge advances in technology, viewers were both optimistic and cautious about the future and how it might change our lives. This was reflected in changes in music, movies, furnishings and, of course, fashion.

The 2000s were the protagonists of currents around sexual liberation, gender issues and feminism. Gradually, social networks were used that made it possible to connect with people from all over the world, creating massive and ephemeral trends.

Flare Jeans

Flared pants were very popular at the beginning of the century. Now flared pants are back, and they come in many colors, washes, and patterns. The best thing about these pants is that they benefit all bodies shapes, especially those that have the shape of an inverted triangle, as they help to balance it out visually.

Dare to wear them with romantic blouses, oversized and crop tops or, if you want to wear more sensual and daring outfits, combine them with bralette style tops or a denim garment. To look taller, pair them with a good pair of high heels that will style the figure a bit. Either casual or elegant, this garment can be the centerpiece of your outfit. In the end, everything depends on your attitude and creativity.

Keep reading this other article to learn some other fashion tricks to look taller.

The Return of the Y2K Fashion - Flare Jeans

Fit and patterned tops

Another basic from the 2000s that is making a comeback are fitted tops, of course with an eye-catching print at chest level. This type of top makes a lot of sense when we combine it with flared pants, but they are also trendy with high waisted pants or a long skirt.

The Return of the Y2K Fashion - Fit and patterned tops

Platform boots

Every era has a very specific footwear and in the case of the 2000s it was undoubtedly the big platforms. High boots or heels with a great height on a platform were all the rage and could be adapted to all styles. From casual and rustic shoes like Timberland to mile-long boots made of genuine patent leather.

Since the pandemic is over, and we are back to our old ways, platform shoes enable us to do so while increasing our wow factor, while maintaining the comfort and accessibility of quarantine shoes. Platform shoes offer more stability than high-heeled stilettos while still allowing wearers to feel like the main character.

The Return of the Y2K Fashion - Platform boots

Jeans with dresses

A priori, it would not make much sense to combine jeans and a dress in the same look, but the popular and casual style that emerged in the early 2000s has finally captured the hearts of many people. And although most have tried to push this trend away, this look is back, and it seems like it's not going away anytime soon.

After seeing a handful of long tunics and pants in the runways, we wondered if this was not just another creative layering technique to add to our list. With a few quick changes, it's possible to make dresses over pants look effortless, comfortable, and cool instead of messy. The new way to wear dresses over pants is to ditch some accessories and do not overdo it. Keep your layers simple and structured.

The Return of the Y2K Fashion - Jeans with dresses

Wide belts

Accessories also do not escape the seductive power of the 2000s, and of all, one in particular is the comeback that arouses more passions and hatred: the wide belts. They may never have disappeared completely, but for a while they were gone from our wardrobes. But now they are back, and with more force, if possible, to conquer the most feminine dresses of the season.

The iconic piece of the 70s and 90s of the last century is reinvented to give shine to the waist and allow us to walk confidently in the new normal. The accessory that accompanied our fitted outfits returns to the runways.

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The Return of the Y2K Fashion - Wide belts

Fur coats

In the 2000s, all teenagers were looking at the clothes of their favorite artists, and one of the garments that was never missing was fur coats. This type of coat came in all sizes and lengths, with the classic being above the knee and having hair at the nape of the neck.

This funky garment, which today conquers the catwalks and streets, remains true to its essence and has hardly changed in concept: slightly folksy, with fur on the sleeves and collar. It is perfect for those days when, despite the low temperatures, we do not want to give up a well-rounded look. The preference for leather is returning more and more, and we can now see it in different colors as a vintage piece. This combination of suede and teddy coat often simulates animal skin, but it is a synthetic version.

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The Return of the Y2K Fashion - Fur coats

Cargo pants

The 2000s were a time of fusion and that was reflected in fashion. It was cool to mix an elegant style with punk clothing or urban culture. In this sense, pants with military print and fabric pockets on the sides were one of the most recurring garments. Today, this type of pants is making a comeback, both in low and high fit. They are very well known under the name of 'cargo pants' and have been a closet essential for decades. They are one of the most stylish and casual looks we have found in the current fashion panorama.

Although they are mostly earthy and khaki shades, their color palette has recently expanded, and you can find them in pastel colors, bright white and even metallic shades.

The Return of the Y2K Fashion - Cargo pants

Babydoll dresses

The baby doll dress defined the era of the late 2000s. Ten years later, however, this mini-cut dress with a loose silhouette returns to our lives with new interpretations of the classic. Or in other words, forget the cotton basics you have been wearing for the last decade and get excited about the special details like puff sleeves, open backs or print mixes. Because although the cut returns, it does so in a completely different context.

This time the babydoll dress is reinvented with strong accessories and unexpected fabrics like patchwork, nylon or even organza that embrace one of the most flattering and classic silhouettes in the history of fashion. Let yourself be seduced by the dress with a thousand possibilities that fits tall, short, curvy and petite women.

For ideas on how to wear this dress and look chic, read on in this other article that explains what it means to be chic.

The Return of the Y2K Fashion - Babydoll dresses

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The Return of the Y2K Fashion