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What Is a Total Look?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What Is a Total Look?
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A total look refers to styling where just one color or print is worn to create your look. It is a bold fashion trend that has triumphed on the catwalks and many celebrities are hooked.

It comes from the 80s when women's fashion was full of prints and bold combinations, but with the arrival of the 90s, fashion gave way to minimalism and simpler lines. Now, the 21st century has revived the total look by adapting it to new uses to create an edgy and very feminine look.

But if you don't really know what a total look is, read this OneHowTo article where we reveal the keys you need to follow so you can dress fashionably.

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  1. Total patterned look
  2. Total monochrome look
  3. Total denim look
  4. Black & White

Total patterned look

Imitating the fashion of the 80s, the total patterned look has arrived. This style triumphs from the use of animal prints to more futuristic and geometric prints. The key to creating your total look style lies in pretending that all your clothing belongs to the same suit. This is achieved by creating a uniform combination that fits the lines of your body.

You can choose to create a total look with either a skirt or trousers, it's up to you! In addition, accessories are important when creating your style. They can highlight the rest of your outfit if you choose a different tone to your clothes.

What Is a Total Look? - Total patterned look
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Total monochrome look

Another way to dress in the style of a total look is to choose clothes of the same color and match all your style with this tone. This is what is known as the total monochrome look. You can choose neutral colors like white, black or grey or, if you're a daring woman, you can opt for bright colors like red, green or yellow.

What Is a Total Look? - Total monochrome look
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Total denim look

If you are passionate about jeans, we're sure you'll love a total denim look which involves combining different denim garments to complete your style. You need to ensure that the denim color is similar to follow the premise of this fashion trend.

It is a perfect combination for a more informal and casual look where you'll achieve a more youthful and urban appearance. Get involved with denim!

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What Is a Total Look? - Total denim look
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Black & White

If you like to dress in a sophisticated way, white and black are the best allies for your style. To adapt your tastes to the total look fashion, you're best creating a style with a mixed black and white pattern, as shown in the picture. With these clothes, you'll be fashionable without sacrificing your elegance and sophistication.

What Is a Total Look? - Black & White
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Image: www.trendencias.com
Image: vogue.com
Image: trendencias.com
Image: paris-panama.blogspot.com
Image: http://carmenasenjo.blogspot.com.es/
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What Is a Total Look?