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How to Buy the Right Shoe Size Online

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Buy the Right Shoe Size Online

Online shopping is the best gift of technology. Clothes, electronics goods, home furnishings and even groceries are being ordered online. But when it comes to shoes people step back a bit. This is because when we go physically for shoe shopping we don’t always get a perfect fit. So, how can we take the risk of ordering an expensive pair online without even trying it on? Don’t worry; in this OneHowTo article we are giving you some tricks through which you can determine how to buy the right shoe size online.

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  1. How to measure your foot?
  2. Measure length and width of foot
  3. Determine the shoe size
  4. While buying shoes online
  5. Ask Customer Care

How to measure your foot?

The first thing you must do is to measure your foot at home.

Take a piece of white paper and put it on a hard surface. Place your foot on the paper. If you are taking measurement for shoes like stilettos and others which you wear bare foot then you can take your measurement barefoot. If you are shopping for shoes which you wear with socks then measure your foot wearing shoes. You will notice that here is a very slight difference between the barefoot measurement and the measurement with socks.

Also, while measuring foot size make sure to measure both feet. Often it is found that one foot is larger than the other foot. So, while deciding which size to choose, always go for the measurement of the larger foot.

Measure length and width of foot

After placing the foot on white paper, draw the outline using a marker or pen. If you have difficulty in tracing the outline then ask someone for help. After marking the outline remove your foot from the paper. Then using a ruler measure the length of the foot. The length is the measurement from the heel to the big toe.

Similarly with a ruler measure the width of your foot. The width is the distance across the widest part of the ball of your foot.

How to Buy the Right Shoe Size Online - Measure length and width of foot

Determine the shoe size

Now consult the chart below containing shoe size and find out which size fits you the best. There are different sizes depending on your country which are sometimes different for men, women and children.

How to Buy the Right Shoe Size Online - Determine the shoe size

While buying shoes online

When you go online shoe shopping you will find that there are many brands whose shoe size differs as there is no standard measurement for shoes. So, record the measurement of your foot somewhere safe so that you don’t have to measure your foot every time you go online for your shoe shopping.

While choosing shoes online you will find that there is an option for size chart. This size chart gives the measurement and the shoe size according to it. Refer to your recorded foot size and then compare it with the given size chart. Finally choose the shoe size which is accurate as per your measurement.

How to Buy the Right Shoe Size Online - While buying shoes online

Ask Customer Care

Most online websites provide customer care service for every product. If you have any doubt regarding the shoe then post it there. Most customer care replies within 24 hours.

The last tip is to always look for sellers who have return policies. That way your money won’t go in vain even if the shoes do not fit as you can return or exchange it afterwards.

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How to Buy the Right Shoe Size Online