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How to Identify Original Nike Shoes

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How to Identify Original Nike Shoes

Authentic Nikes generate millions in income each year, and counterfeiters try to take advantage of the situation by selling fake Nikes. With a closer look you can distinguish the genuine from the fake Nikes. Nike is known worldwide by its renowned tick symbol. Nike (pronounced Naiki, after the Greek goddess of victory) clothing, footwear and other sporting goods was founded in 1968 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. The brand is known for the "Just Do It" slogan. These shoes are endorsed by the highest level athletes in many sports.

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Look closely at the shoe. Nike shoes are made with the highest quality standards. If you see frayed seams or that the sole has come undone from one of the shoes, even slightly, then it may be a forgery. The pictures below show the seams of a fake nike shoe.


Evaluate the material. Take the shoes, try to feel the leather or fabric and try them on. Nike uses only leather and other high quality materials to make their shoes. If the shoes feel soft and flexible then you're probably looking at a real product. If the shoes are hard, rigid and uneven they are likely to be fake.


See if the shoes have PHYLON soles. If so, they should be very soft and should return to normal after folding. If you notice that the soles are not smooth and do not quickly recover their shape, you are looking at a fake Nike shoe.


Look at the label on the Nike shoe. Forgeries may be misspelled. Do not trust the source of the shoe because Nike manufactures worldwide. Moreover, authentic Nike labels in the interior of the shoe have a black sign in white letters reading: Most fakes will have the "Made in China" sentence at the top.

The picture below does have the nike site written on, but this label is just a sticker, real nike shoe labels should be sewn at the tongue of the shoe.


If you try your nike shoes on, you will quickly notice the difference between the quality of real ones and fake ones too.

Now that you know how to identify an authentic nike shoes, you may also want to find out how to clean nylon nike shoes or how to tell if other brands of sneakers are fake such as the following:


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how check in Nike original shoe in market ( with pictures ) fake and original both (with pictures ) please this is my hambale riqust
Agu ifeanyi Gerald
I am from Nigeria and i also have a boutique were i sale shoes so i want to know if i can partner with you
This was not helpful. I have authentic nikes from the factory that proved some of this wrong.
OneHowTo Editor
Which of the characteristics mentioned in the article do not match your shoes?
What model of nike shoes do you have?
If you're so sure they are real, how come you were searching for this question?

Let us know the answers so we can improve our article and help people further.

Sanskar Pandey
I have bought a pair of nike basketball shoes by jabong and it made in vietnam it is original or not
Ruby sharma
I have bought a pair of Nike revolution 2 shoes from Amazon but I feel that I have got fake shoes.becouse the tounge of the shoes does not contain Nike mark.instead of that made in India is written.n it also does not contain website of Nike.pls suggest to identify original Nike shoes.
Zamri bin zainol
please tell me made in china is it doing original shoes. I had bought it one.
OneHowTo Editor
Does the tag read: on it? If not, then they are fake.
Hope this helps
Amit singh
please tell me vieytnam country make the original nike shoe
How do you identify doc Martin shoes?
I just bought some Nike shoes from DSW im not sure if they are real or not please help

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How to Identify Original Nike Shoes
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How to Identify Original Nike Shoes