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How to Tell if Adidas Shoes are Fake

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How to Tell if Adidas Shoes are Fake

Adidas is known worldwide for its quality products. The quality of these products makes that the price sometimes is not affordable for everyone, so some people buy fake Adidas. The counterfeit market of Adidas shoes is large, and these shoes have far less quality than the real ones. They might seem the same at first, but a closer look will reveal the differences between real and fake Adidas shoes. As a consumer, we need to be aware of the difference between fake and original products. In this article we'll show you how to tell if Adidas shoes are fake.

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Heel Tag

The heel tag is a triangular shaped material in the upper leather and is situated at the place where the upper leather meets the second layer of leather. It is situated at the heel of the shoe. This is the most common way of differentiation between fake and real Adidas shoes. If you are holding a Adidas shoe containing the heel tag then it is a fake product for sure. Adidas stopped including the heel tag in their shoes since the year 2004 – 2005.

The image below shows a fake Adidas shoe (black) and an original Adidas (white). You can see the shape of the back area is different in both shoes. Original Adidas are a bit taller on the back than fake shoes. The difference is easy to see when you put one shoe next to the other. However, there are other differences that can be spotted without having to compare both shoes.

Shoe Lace

Most of the Adidas shoe model comes with a pair of new laces. So, if you are buying a new pair of Adidas shoes then its best to look for the neatly packed pair of laces in the box. If there are extra laces in the box but it’s loosely packed then it is fake Adidas. Real Adidas shoes come with neatly packed extra laces which are rolled tightly and sealed in plastic.

But since not all shoes comes with the extra lace; it’s best to check on internet about the model you are going to buy and if it comes with extra shoe lace or not.

Lace eyelets of shoes

Lace eyelets are the holes in shoes through which the shoe laces are passed. Except for some old model of Adidas shoes their eyelets are non-metal. So, if you are holding a pair of new model of Adidas shoes and they have metal eyelets then beware because they are fake.

Stitch of the shoe

Adidas is known for its quality gear. Hence, its shoes are immaculately stitched with even spacing. If you are holding an Adidas shoe in which the stitching is uneven, unfinished seams or if you can spot a loose end of thread then it’s definitely a fake shoe. The image below shows fake Adidas shoes with a poor quality finish.

Usually the leather of fake Adidas is much shinier than the original product.

Serial number

You can find the serial number of Adidas shoes on the tags which are situated on the tongue label inside the shoes. A real Adidas shoe will have two different serial numbers for both right shoe and left shoe. A fake Adidas product always has the same serial number on the tongue label of both shoes.

Also make sure that the digits on tongue label matches the serial number printed on the box.


A real Adidas logo is never a sticker. A real Adidas logo is either stitched or carved on the sole or tongue of the shoe. In the image below you can see how the logo on the black Adidas shoe is a sticker, while the logo on the white shoe is carved on the tongue. The black shoe is fake and the white is real.

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How to Tell if Adidas Shoes are Fake
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How to Tell if Adidas Shoes are Fake