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How to Identify Original Reebok Shoes

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: December 30, 2023
How to Identify Original Reebok Shoes

The thrill of a new pair of Reeboks, especially if they're a gift or a second-hand find, can quickly turn into suspicion. Did you score the real deal, or a crafty counterfeit? Worry not, sneaker sleuths! Reebok, the iconic British brand since 1890, equips its shoes with subtle but crucial markers to distinguish them from wannabe imitators.

Today, oneHOWTO unlocks the secrets of identifying genuine Reeboks, empowering you to strut with confidence and avoid falling victim to fakes.

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Steps to follow:


Your authenticity investigation begins before you even set eyes on the shoes themselves. The box, often overlooked, holds valuable clues. Cast a discerning eye over these key features:

  • The iconic red and blue Reebok flag should proudly wave on the box, accompanied by the brand's name in its distinctive, unmistakably authentic font. Any inconsistencies in color, proportions, or spacing could signal a fake.

  • A white sticker, acting as the shoe's official passport, should be firmly affixed to the box. It unveils essential details like size, style number, and other defining characteristics. Check for clarity, accuracy, and consistency with information on the shoes themselves.

Remember, counterfeiters often pay less attention to packaging, rendering it a prime spot to uncover discrepancies. Scrutinize the box for any signs of tampering, poor print quality, or deviations from Reebok's established design. If the box raises red flags, proceed with caution!

How to Identify Original Reebok Shoes - Step 1

Now, let's focus on the central part of the shoe: the tongue. Pay attention to these crucial details:

  • The unique code on the box's sticker should match the one on the tongue label. Ensure they both have one letter followed by five numbers.

  • Use the QR code on the tongue label to scan and verify your shoes through Reebok's online database.

  • Look for a matching sticker with the same code within the insole, creating a united front against imitation.


The sole of your Reebok shoes will also tell you if they are original or not. Go to an official retailer and compare your exact model with the one in the shop. If the soles are the same you can rest assured they are original.

How to Identify Original Reebok Shoes - Step 3

Examining the tongue logo is another crucial step in the Reebok authenticity detective game. Here's how to sharpen your focus:

  • The iconic Reebok logo, stitched with precision, should reside proudly atop the tongue. Be wary of glued-on emblems or mismatched colors – these are telltale signs of a crafty impostor.

  • Scrutinize the seams around the logo and the tongue itself. Genuine Reeboks boast meticulous, tight stitches, free from stray threads or uneven patterns. Sloppy or warped stitching hints at a rushed counterfeit job.

  • Peek underneath the tongue flap. Look for hidden seams that reinforce the construction and add texture. Counterfeits often skip this detail, resulting in a flat, flimsy feel.

Remember, Reebok takes meticulous pride in its craftsmanship. Every stitch, every logo placement, tells a story of quality and authenticity.


Next stop on our authenticity journey: the sides of your Reeboks. Here, details speak volumes:

  • Check the Reebok logo for the characteristic open "e"s. Any inconsistencies in lettering can raise suspicion.

  • Some models wear the British flag. Look for accurate colors, clean lines, and high-quality material.

  • Authentic Reeboks use sturdy, smooth materials on the sides. Rough or flimsy textures could be red flags.

  • Different models might have unique side features. Compare yours to online pictures or trusted retailers for accuracy.

Remember, consistency is key.

How to Identify Original Reebok Shoes - Step 5

Las but not least, don't rely on one detail. Consider all the elements we've discussed – box, tongue, sole, sides, materials, etc. – not just one, to make a more informed judgment.

If something feels off about the shoes, even if you can't pinpoint the exact reason, it's best to err on the side of caution and avoid them.

Stick to official Reebok retailers, reputable online marketplaces, or trusted individual sellers with verifiable purchase history.

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How to Identify Original Reebok Shoes