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How To Stretch Leather and Synthetic Shoes

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Stretch Leather and Synthetic Shoes

It has probably happened to you that you buy a pair of shoes of a tight size because the size above was too large. This usually happens because the last is different in all shoes, sometimes large and comfortable and sometimes hard and narrow. If you have a couple of shoes that you cannot yet enjoy because its shape and material hurt you, here at OneHowTo we tell you how to stretch shoes.

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Steps to follow:


A foolproof trick to stretch shoes is to put them one with thick socks, like those you use for sports. Ideally you should wear the shoes with socks on while you are at home and walk all day. You will see that between doing chores and tidying up your room your shoes will gradually give in. Try at least three times.


Another solution to stretch shoes is to fill them. Take your shoes and fill them with plastic bags until they are packed by the filling and this cause the shoes to stretch their original form. You should keep them stuffed for at least two days, then take out the filling and start walking with them.


Cold is of great help to stretch shoes. Take your shoes and fill them with newspaper until you stuff them completely and have the original shape stretch. Then put them in the freezer and take them out on the third day. You will not believe it!


If your shoes are leather, in specialised shops they sell liquid solutions for this type of material. The idea is to spray the shoe in areas where they are tighter or where they cause you discomfort, rub in the liquid until it is absorbed. The liquid will stretch the leather a little and make your shoes give, so the next time you put them on they will fit you perfectly.


Another alternative to stretch shoes is wetting the interior with alcohol. You have to be very careful when applying the alcohol in the shoe to prevent it from falling on the outside and damaging the material. Once you have dampened the inside add sheets of white paper with no ink or printing, so the alcohol will not make the colour run, and fill them until they are pressed inside. Leave them for a day and then takes the paper out and walk in them for a while so they adapt to your foot.

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How To Stretch Leather and Synthetic Shoes