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How to wash fabric or nylon Nike footwear

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to wash fabric or nylon Nike footwear

Since introducing its first line of sports shoes in 1972, Nike has designed and sold many types of sport shoes and trainers. Nike shoes are a good investment in your sports apparel, the proper care of the shoes is very important. The care instructions for different types of Nike shoes varies according to the materials they are made with.Washing Nike sports shoes should be done adequately, as improper washing may damage them. Here we present how to wash fabric or nylon Nike footwear.

You'll need:

  • Soft cloth
  • Mild soap
  • Small bowl
  • Soft brush
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Steps to follow:


To wash these Nike trainers or plimsolls add one tablespoon of washing up liquid in two cups of cold water. Mix the soap in the water.

How to wash fabric or nylon Nike footwear - Step 1

Soak a cloth in the soapy water, and squeeze any excess liquid back into the container. Clean your Nike shoes with the damp cloth and soap, until all traces of dirt have been removed from them.


Leave your Nike shoes to dry thoroughly before using them. Place them away from heat and sunlight while drying in order to avoid the fabric or nylon material from shrinking.

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  • If you are not sure what material your shoes are made of check the labels inside the shoes.
  • After washing your Nike shoes never put them in a washing machine or dryer. These devices can damage or destroy the shoes.
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How to wash fabric or nylon Nike footwear