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How to Look Effortlessly Hot

Alice Marini
By Alice Marini. Updated: March 30, 2017
How to Look Effortlessly Hot

Do you think it is not possible to know how to look effortlessly hot? Well, actually, those people you think are effortlessly hot probably put a lot of effort into appearing so effortless! We are talking about those effortlessly gorgeous people who emanate a sexy and cool scent wherever they go, plus, it looks like they couldn't care less. And think about it, those cool people often do not wear the obvious sexy stuff such as short dress, net tights and red lipstick. Their beauty lies in them giving the impression they haven't tried to look sexy, they are just effortlessly hot. But let's tell the truth, most of them have just found their strategy to look attractive in a natural way, they simply know how to look effortlessly hot, and that is a technique that can be learned. Today, at OneHowTo, we will teach you that technique. So, take note as we tell you how to look effortlessly hot.

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How to look effortlessly hot: dos and donts

Who do you think about when we say effortlessly hot? Honestly, Cara Delevigne or Jemima Kirke come to our mind much more than Kim Kardashian... That is what you are trying to achieve when you want to look effortlessly attractive: a natural, unique, not pretentious kind if attractiveness. Here is how to look attractive effortlessly:

  • Exercise will not only make your body look better, it will make you feel better with yourself, more confident, i.e. hotter. However, to look effortlessly hot, find a discipline that you like, do not just spend hours at the gym when you want to do something else. That is the exact opposite of effortless beauty
  • Your beauty routine: nothing will make you feel more attractive effortlessly than knowing you take good care of yourself. Take a shower with a soap that smells good everyday, apply a nice moisturizer to your skin, clean your face with floral water every morning. Those little beauty rituals will make you smell like sex, and look effortlessly hot
  • Have your hands and feet manicured and pedicured, but leave them as natural as possible. Here is the thing about effortless beauty, it doesn't have to be artificial. So, your hands and feet must look like they are naturally beautiful and you didn't put any effort into making them look so. Nails must be short, clean, with no nail polish. That is definitely effortlessly chic!
  • Have regular hair removal: it will make you feel more confident to know your legs, underarms, bikini, and facial hair are taken care of
  • Pick a signature scent for you, but pick one that is not too sweet or strong. It is possible to find effortlessly hot perfumes in the market, they have to whisper "sex" instead of screaming it
  • Make sure your teeth are always white if you want to look effortlessly hot. That is what most people look at first. There are some natural ways to whiten teeth nowadays
  • How to dress to look effortlessly hot: there is no recipe, but again, think about Cara's subtle braless cleavage... that is hot, but seems effortless, right? Wear something like a man's shirt only, a backless top with boyfriend jeans, high heels with oversize pants. To be on the safe side, pick a all black look, you cannot go wrong with that! Extra large clothes in general look effortlessly hot, if you add a sexy detail
  • Avoid any tacky clothes at all cost
  • Choose fabrics that are soft and make people want to touch you and hug you. Cashmere and silk are great for that, and they give the impression you are kind of messy chic, which is the recipe of how to look effortlessly hot!
  • Wear sexy underwear, people around you won't know, but you will be aware of it, and will feel sexy as a result
  • Wear eyeglasses with confidence, they look so hot if you know how to wear them
  • Effortlessly hot make up: do not wear a lot of it. Make it look natural and effortless. A nude lips lipstick works well
  • Your face should look awake if you want to look attractive effortlessly, so make sure you get plenty of sleep, and have no dark circles
  • Be flirty, but in a subtle way. Do not be cheap, just be prone to playing, without revealing too much, you want to be effortlessly hot, not ridiculous
  • Having lots of sex is something people can smell: go ahead and get lots!
  • Master the art of having sex: when you know you are good at it you automatically become effortlessly hot, no matter what you wear
  • Give yourself regular "pampering" treats such as sauna, massages etc.
  • Use lots of natural oils and essential oils: those natural, subtle scents make you effortlessly attractive
  • Love yourself and everything you do, people will fell it and you will be contagious. Being positive is effortlessly hot
  • Most importantly, you should feel effortlessly hot. Act naturally, do not be afraid of making mistakes, be confident because only by being natural and relaxed you can achieve effortless beauty
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How to look effortlessly hot: look hot at work

Some of the tips to look effortlessly hot we just gave you might need to be slightly adapted to the workplace. What you want to avoid is feeling over sensual and inappropriate in a work environment. Still, there are plenty of ways to look effortlessly hot at work.

  • A suit is actually the best outfit to look effortlessly hot. So, if you need to wear one at work make sure it is fitted and that it enhances the sexiest parts of your body, but again, in a subtle way. A pencil skirt is a good idea to look hot at work wearing a suit
  • Any kind of androgynous style outfit screams sex if it is accompanied by a confident attitude and a straight posture
  • Pointy heels with simple boyfriend jeans and a blouse can be hot for the workplace
  • Skinny jeans are also quite sexy, if you have a nice butt and legs you will look effortlessly hot
  • A wrap dress is definitely an easy way to look hot at work
  • Try to avoid eye-catching colors and opt for neutral colors, they are much more effortlessly hot for work
  • The bottom line is, looking hot at work is different from looking hot in a nightclub, so make sure you dress differently. Do not reveal your breasts or stomach in a office environment
  • When it comes to hairstyles to look hot at work, you can never go wrong with a bun and some nice earrings
  • Look hot at work: the attitude. Act like you are a serious business woman, be confident, never submissive to your colleagues, being confident is a good recipe to look effortlessly hot

How to look effortlessly hot: effortlessly beautiful hair

Some people have hair that look just so effortlessly beautiful; they smell good, they are soft, they are effortlessly hot. How do you get effortlessly beautiful hair?

  • Use a natural shampoo that does not make your hair dry. Leave it for a tiny short while and wash well with water
  • For effortlessly beautiful hair, choose a good conditioner, or better a natural oil that keeps your hair soft and moisturized
  • In general, your hair should look healthy and shiny if you want to look effortlessly hot. Try something like shikaki or amla, they can help!
  • As for effortlessly beautiful haircuts, you can never go wrong with either a French cut or wild long hair
  • How to style your effortlessly beautiful hair: you can put a lot of effort into styling it, but it needs to look natural. For example, dry it in a bun to get some waves. In general, messy chic hair is effortlessly beautiful hair
  • Boho braided hairstyles might also help achieve a effortlessly attractive look

Let us know if you have more tips on how to look effortlessly hot!

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How to Look Effortlessly Hot