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How To Look Hot With Glasses

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 28, 2017
How To Look Hot With Glasses

If you wear glasses or have recently had a vision problem detected do not worry. Glasses are instruments that contribute to improving our quality of life and can also be something fashionable and fun to play around with.

If you wonder how to look hot with glasses pay attention to the following OneHowTo.com article. Make your glasses be just another accessory to create fantastic looks. Try to get the positive side of having to wear glasses and give your image a personal touch with your them. As glasses give a sort of effortlessly hot coolness, you will look even more beautiful with glasses!

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Steps to follow:


The first and most difficult step to look hot in glasses is to choose your new glasses or renew your current ones. Although it seems an easy task it is not because the glasses must meet several requirements if you want them to look nice and enhance your facial features.


Currently opticians supply a great range of possibilities to help you look beautiful and fashionable with your new glasses. However, you must keep in mind that the shape of your face, your features and above all your tastes will condition your choice and that not all models will suit you. So approach the visit to the optitian with calm and patience and you will surely end up finding the perfect lenses for you. You will also find some tips in our article on how to choose the right glasses according to your face shape.


Among the multiple possibilities choose those that are most suited to your style. Among them you must find the glasses that enhance your facial structure and help improve your appearance. This may depend on the type of face you have:

  • Oval face: For oval faces, it is best to select square or rectangular glasses. Straight lines and small sizes are best for you.
  • Round face: For this face type we recommend glasses with thick and wide frames. The big square glasses will give a chic touch to your face.
  • Square Face: If your facial features are strongly defined the best choice will be rounded, simple glasses. Simple frames without and decoration will refine and sweeten your face.
How To Look Hot With Glasses - Step 3

The tone of your skin and your hair color are factors that may also influence your selection of glasses.

  • For hair and skins of light shades dark frames are recommended.
  • For dark hair and fair skin it is much easier because you can play with multiple fashionable colours. Try not to be too extravagant.
  • For dark skin always go for frames in lighter shades.

If you want to look hot with glasses, you should make these a part of your image and give a personal touch and style to your looks, just like a core accessory. On the other hand, you should enhance your gaze with good make-up, because your eyes when framed by glasses will further highlighted.

If you are unsure whether men like girls with glasses, read our article on the topic.


As to make up, for women who wear glasses we suggest you emphasize eyebrows, smoother lips and maximize your look with a good mascara and good eye shadows (clearer tones during the day and more dark and daring ones at night). Centralize your make-up around you eyes and make them stand out, even if wearing glasses you will find many beauty tips.

How To Look Hot With Glasses - Step 6

Finally, feel stylish and fashionable. You should feel good with your glasses and see yourself flattered by them, so do not despair if you have to search a lot before choosing the ideal pair. The glasses will be part of you and can be a weapon of seduction, especially if the guy you like is a hipster. Get your head around the fact that they are not a burden and boost your image with them to look even more hot.

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How To Look Hot With Glasses