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How to Make my Neck Look Longer

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Make my Neck Look Longer

An elongated neck can make you look thinner and somehow, more stylish. But not all of us are lucky to naturally have such a trait. Fortunately there are tricks that can help us create the illusion of a much longer neck which will make us look taller and thinner. Choosing the correct clothes, accessories and even the right haircut will help get the desired effect. Keep reading because in this OneHowTo.com article we reveal how to make the neck look longer.

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Steps to follow:


Implementing some tricks to make the neck look longer will help give the appearance that you are slightly thinner and taller.

First of all, it's helps to know how to choose accessories that flatter your appearance and prevent your neck from looking short. Avoid short necklaces and chokers as these make the neckline look much smaller. Opt for long necklaces that fall below the chest. Ensure these are simple and not too loud to avoid draw attention to the neck area.

How to Make my Neck Look Longer - Step 1

If your goal is to lengthen the neck then try to not cover it with clothes like a turtlenecks or scarves. This alone will make your neck look even shorter. Ideally do the opposite: uncover the neck and create a sense of continuity and elongation.

How do we do this? Very simple, using V-necks favours this type of image. Also avoid high t-shirts and shirts and always try to unbutton at least the first button on your shirt. This will help lengthen your whole figure and you will look great.

How to Make my Neck Look Longer - Step 2

It is also important to choose jackets well. It is best to opt for those with buttons to the chest over those that have higher buttons, the reason being the same as that explained above: this allows you to appear to have a much slimmer and thinner neck.


If you want a haircut that favours you and makes your neck look longer then you should know that short cuts and layers will suit you best. Hair that is too long will make your neck look short, so opt for a hair style that sits above the shoulders to enhance this area and look much better. You'll notice the difference!

How to Make my Neck Look Longer - Step 4

Preventing and controlling the tension in the neck can also help you improve your appearance, it will prevent the stress accumulated in this area from loading cervical muscles that make your neck look a little shorter.

Every day you can perform neck stretches to relieve stress and improve your appearance. Good choices include:

  • Chin on the sternum: with your shoulders straight and without letting them move bring your chin to your chest and maintain this position for 15 seconds, relax and repeat 4 times. This exercise will help relieve tension in the back of the neck.
  • Lateral stretch: straighten your neck and then tilt your neck to one side and hold it with your hand. Hold the position for 15 seconds and then do the same on the other side, repeated 4 times. It is ideal to relax the muscles around your neck and make you feel much better.
  • Another alternative for lateral stretching: turn your neck to one side and hold the position for 30 seconds, do the other side and repeat this exercises 4 times. You will notice how your neck becomes much more relaxed.
How to Make my Neck Look Longer - Step 5

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How to Make my Neck Look Longer