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What to Wear with Thick Legs

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What to Wear with Thick Legs

Get the most out of learning to wear clothes properly! Depending on your body type, your shape and your figure it is recommended to opt for one style or another that will enhance your curves to highlight your beauty and disguise those parts that you dislike or feel self-conscious about. If you have thick legs you should know that there are some dressing tricks that will help you to disguise them and to highlight your other more sensual and attractive parts. In this OneHowTo article we will give you some key tips so you know how to dress if you have thick legs and this way, learn to enhance your beauty.

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The first tip that we will give you to know what to wear with thick legs is to divert attention to other areas of your body. That is, instead of wearing very tight leggings that highlight this part, it is best to opt to enhance other parts of your body such as your waist, chest and so on.

By enhancing other areas you make them the center of attention and, therefore, your legs move to the background. Choose low-cut shirts, wear large necklaces, and a nice hairstyle will help you to ensure that the attention targets those areas more than your legs and therefore you will feel much more attractive and comfortable with your image.

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Now let's tackle the clothes that you can wear to hide thick legs. In the case of dresses you should prioritize those that are fitted under the breast and, that fan out gently from there. This type of garment will make your legs look longer and therefore make your figure look slimmer. To make sure that these dresses really highlight your figure, they should finish just above your knees, and never below. You have to avoid ones that are mid-calf height as they will be emphasize the thickness of your legs.

First of all you have to avoid tight, tube type dresses and opt for other lighter garments, loose-fitting and floaty. Those that have some detail on the top are perfect as it diverts attention to this area and puts your legs and hips in the background.

One tip to look perfect with a dress is to wear it with a long coat or a long vest that will help reduce your hips making you look much slimmer. Also, if you put on heels, the effect will be amazing.

What to Wear with Thick Legs - Step 2
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If you want to wear trousers you should know that to hide thick legs it is best to wear high or mid-waisted style and avoid low waists as much as possible because they increase make the area seem larger and you think that you look wider, besides making your legs look shorter, something we should totally to avoid if we to slim down our figure.

Straight-cut styles are much more suitable than skinny or flared trousers, and whenever you can, try to get ones with fine vertical lines that create a stretched and thinner visual effect. Avoid shorts and trousers that finish below the knee as they will emphasize your figure and make you look wider.

It is important that the trousers fall straight and are not too tight on the thighs or hips, also always avoid when possible prints that are too colorful and choose dark and neutral colors as they make you appear slimmer.

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If you like wearing skirts you need to know how to choose those that will slim down your figure. It's best to opt for those that are straight cut because they are the most appropriate to conceal the width of your hips and make your body look thinner. Try to avoid tube skirts or those that are too short as they will increase your hips and you will not like what you see in the mirror. It is best if they finish above the knees since it is the thinnest part of our legs.

Where color is concerned, the best would be neutral or dark and avoid as much as possible bright colors and prints, because as we have already pointed out, it is advisable to draw attention away from our legs to other parts of our body that we like the most.

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Your choice of footwear is also important in relation to knowing how to dress when you have thick legs. Remember that heels will be a great ally to refine your silhouette, slimming it down and making it look thinner. Among the most recommended styles for you are shoes or high boots but never ankle boots since they increase the visual thickness of your calves.

Your shoes can have a pattern or be colorful, which we have avoided on the bottom of the body, diverting attention to other areas to offset the size of your legs, as we have already mentioned.

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What to Wear with Thick Legs