How to Tell a Fake Guess Bag From a Real One

How to Tell a Fake Guess Bag From a Real One

When it comes to fashion accessories, women prefer the big brands, which can make incredible creations. Bags are especially in demand in the world of name brand fashion. Guess creates relatively affordable bags compared to other fashion designers, but there is a parallel market dedicated to imitating them. Do you know how to tell a fake Guess bag from a real one? At we will explain.

Steps to follow:

To buy a Guess bag, go directly to one of the branded stores. There you'll find the quality that only this store offers.


If you buy your Guess bag from somewhere else, first make sure that the bag is in the company's collection. This is the first step to finding out if the bag is real or a knock-off. Go to the official website to make sure it's in their collection.


Then, look carefully at the leather of the handbag. Fake ones are not made of leather. The imitations use several kinds of plastic or synthetic material, but that is far from leather. You can tell by touching it. A fake Guess bag will be rigid to the touch, while a real guess bag will have a smooth and soft surgace.

Another trick is to press on the leather with your finger. If the wrikles created dissappear, it is genuine, but if it doesn't then it's probably fake.


Analyse the seams on the bag. Usually fake bags have seams that are very visible and often of poor quality. Make sure the bag looks sturdy and well stitched.


The lining is another distinctive element of real and fake Guess bags. Imitation ones don't usually have a lining, but if they do it is usually very thin, like paper. The original liner is soft and almost silk-like and is well-stitched.


The original Guess bag has the tag inside. This is a detail that helps spot imitations, since fake bags almost never have this.

Real Guess tags will have the style code, the name of the color and the group on one side of the tag.


Look closely at the brand letters, which are similar in shape to the real bags. In addition, the zipper should have the Guess letter embeded, imitation bags don't have this.


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  • Do not buy this kind of product in small stores.
  • Always go to a specialist centre.