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How to Dress Boho in Winter

Alice Marini
By Alice Marini. Updated: March 30, 2017
How to Dress Boho in Winter

The boho style is very popular in summer, but it is somewhat hard to achieve in winter. Winter weather calls for a casual, functional wardrobe that is meant to keep you warm and is not too hard to put together. Boho style is quite the opposite as it is very decorated. So, what are boho winter clothes? Actually, as you will discover in this article, it is not so hard to dress boho in winter. The boho style is never too hard to achieve as it is very natural. Plus, boho style calls for lots of different, loose layers of fabric, which is exactly what we look for during fall and winter. We will present you looks that are not too over the top and are perfect to dress boho for work, or look boho at school. If you are a boho girl, you cannot miss this article as we will teach you how to dress boho in winter.

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Steps to follow:


Keep wearing long skirts and long dresses

Here is the first step of how to dress boho in winter: reuse summer clothes! Do you think long skirts and dresses are just for summer terrace parties? Well, you are wrong! Long skirts and dresses that are not too light look amazing as boho winter clothes. What you need to do is simply wear them with heavy tights or leggings, anyway they are long so no one will notice. We suggest you wear a pair of leather ankle boots, with fringe if you like them. By reusing your summer boho clothing, you will also have the advantage of dressing boho for cheap, plus a boho attitude should all be about reusing and mixing up.

Since the boho style is all about layers, you can wear the boho dress or skirt with a long cardigan or a poncho. Here you can see an example of an adaptation of a summer boho dress to a boho winter style. The result is quite boho hippie chic!

How to Dress Boho in Winter - Step 1
Image: http://designersoutfits.com

How to dress boho in winter: boho details

If you want to achieve a boho style, you should pay attention to details. While in summer everything is about boho jewellery, the boho winter style calls for heavier, warm elements:

  • Crochet neck warmer: it is not only a comfortable and warm winter item, but it also feels boho chic. For a very bohemian look, make it slightly oversize
  • Boho hats: wide floppy brimmed felt hats replace light hear bands and boho flowers for boho hairstyles
  • Boho hairstyles: check our tutorial
  • Hair bands: wool, thick, wide versions replace simple thin hair bands for a boho winter style. Hair bands are much more wearable than hats if you are looking to dress boho at work, or look boho at school
  • Leather belts: they can be simple or decorated with nice boho patterns
  • Leather bags are a must of boho winter style. Consider wearing a brown leather shoulder bag or cross body bag to dress boho at work. A canvas bag will make the trick if you want to dress boho for school
  • Wool socks: the trend is to wear them long so that they come out of your ankle boots
  • Print tights with tribal signs are the last trend in boho winter style
  • Boho jewellery: remember it should look original. Go to the flea market or make it at home, but it has to look creative, Choose natural materials such as wood. To dress boho chic in winter, you could make some wool jewellery.
How to Dress Boho in Winter - Step 2
Image: https://es.pinterest.com

Boho winter clothes

Now, the very important step of how to dress boho in winter. There are a few clothing items you should definitely wear to a achieve a true boho winter style:

  • Boho cardigan sweater: you can wear long, warm versions of boho summer cardigans. If you can find printed long cardigans, all the better, but you should definitely also have a simple version you can wear with anything. A boho cardigan sweater, with tribal prints for example, will transform any simple outfit into a boho winter style.
  • Boho poncho: wear it with jeans
  • Boho winter coat: they need to be long, at least knee length. The fabric has to look natural, no waterproof please! And they have to be wide, slightly oversize. Blanket coats work well, those with geometric, ethnic prints are even more boho winter style
  • Sleeveless jackets: faux fur, fringed or wool look good on boho winter clothes. You can wear them on top of a printed dress to achieve boho style
  • Skirts: some winter long skirts are the easiest way to achieve boho style with little effort
  • Blanket scarf: a nice knitted blanket that you can throw over your boho winter outfit looks very boho hippie
  • Wide leg flared trousers: they are the new trend in Boho winter style
  • Peasant blouses embroidered with lace are an evergreen of Boho winter clothes. Plus, they are very comfortable.
  • Boho winter dress: think patchwork or floral maxi dress with long sleeves if you want to dress boho in winter
  • Boho winter colors: if you want to know how to dress boho in winter, you have to know about boho winter colors. We suggest "autumn nature" colors such as deep red, browns, greens, dark yellow, burgundy, and of course black and grey
How to Dress Boho in Winter - Step 3

Boho winter shoes

If you want to know how to dress Boho in winter, you should definitely opt for boots. They can be either tall boots or ankle boots, what is important is that they are made of leather, and ideally neutral in color, either brown or black, to go well with floral dresses. If you can, decorate your own boots like the boots in the picture. The heel shouldn't be too high or thin as boho winter style is about being comfy and warm. A nice addition to dress boho chic in winter could be fringes. Those should never go with very eye catching clothes, especially if you want to dress boho for work, as fringe boots are already quite eye catching.

How to Dress Boho in Winter - Step 4
Image: https://es.pinterest.com

How to dress boho at work / how to look boho at school

Our suggestion for dressing boho at work or school is to keep it simple, and add a few boho elements that look effortlessly cool and not over the top. If you want to look boho at school or at work, we suggest you wear pants instead of skirts, and let the boho style come out through the upper part of your clothing. Here is an example:

Boho winter style 1: wear a pair of boyfriend jeans, a simple T-shirt, flat ankle boots and a huge handknit scarf or poncho

Boho winter style 2: skinny jeans, tall boots, boho wide blouse and a big boho necklace

Do you have any other suggestions on how to dress boho in winter?

How to Dress Boho in Winter - Step 5
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How to Dress Boho in Winter