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How to Wear Long Coats

Alice T Breeze
By Alice T Breeze. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Wear Long Coats

This season, long coats, also known as duster coats,have come back into fashion, so keeping warm from head to toe has never been easier! Another great thing about the long coat trend is that it allows you to add several layers in different lengths below the coat, so you can be more imaginative with your look too.

Grey, camel and and pastel colored coats are all in this year, and though winter is halfway through it is still a good option for those rainy spring days too. If you need some tips on how to combine this clothes item, at OneHowTo we give you some advice on how to wear long coats.

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Steps to follow:


Color combination: As we've mentioned above, the latest trends for duster coats come in military green, grey, camel or pastel colors, so it should be pretty easy to color-combine the rest of visible clothes. Make sure you don't combine too many colors in your accessories, as these will be the most visible items unless you decide to wear your coat open. If you need more advice we suggest you take a look at our article on how to combine colors in clothes.


Shoes: There are plenty of options to wear long coats when it comes to shoes, it all depends on your style and height. If you want a casual chic style, then your best option is to go for white trainers, as you'll be following the latest fashion.

If you are short and want to wear a long coat, your best option is to go for ankle boots, as this will make you look taller and (provided your coat is calf-length), will stylize your figure better.

For taller women other options include ballet flats for a Parisian style (perfectly styled with a long trench coat) or oxford shoes for more formal occasions.

How to Wear Long Coats - Step 2
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When it comes to pants, the best option for short women who want to wear long coats is to stick with skinny, ankle-length jeans, which will combine perfectly with the booties and will make your figure slender.

Taller women can combine another trend that is coming back strong: bell bottoms. If you want to stick to ankle length, then boyfriend jeans are perfect, as they will combine with any color coat.

How to Wear Long Coats - Step 3

Who said you can only combine a long coat with pants? Dresses can also look great with dusters.

In this case we have two options that will suit you perfectly. Use a long dress combined with sandals or booties or wear an knee-high dress with oxfords if you are tall or knee-length boots if you're tall.

How to Wear Long Coats - Step 4

But what about accessories? As we've said, these are the most important elements to combine with your long coat. We advise you to combine the color of your shoes with your bag (unless you are wearing white trainers). Clutches are a great combination for a casual chic look too.

Combine with a woolen hat if it's cold or a borsalino if you prefer, you'll look amazing!

How to Wear Long Coats - Step 5

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Nice! I just got a new long coat and didn't exactly know how to wear it as I'm pretty short in height. Thanks for the advice!
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How to Wear Long Coats