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How to wear a Saree in a new style

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How to wear a Saree in a new style

A saree is a traditional Indian costume worn by women in India. It is a long seamless fabric of four to nine yards in length. This elegant dress is also worn in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Traditionally, a saree is made from cotton and silk but nowadays it is also available in various types of artificial fibers. When a saree is worn with proper care, it can accentuate a women’s curves in a stunning way. Wearing a saree is an art which we will explore here along with a few tips on accessories, so keep on reading if you want to know how to wear a saree in a new style.

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Wear a blouse so that it ends just below your bust. Make sure the blouse fits you perfectly.


Put on the petticoat and tie it tightly along your waist. If you want to flaunt your midriff then tie the petticoat just below the navel.

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At the plain end of the saree, make a knot on the top corner. Tuck the knot into the left side of the petticoat. To make sure that you are wearing a saree in the right way, look at the embroideries. If the embroideries are facing out then it is all right.


Turn the saree from right to left and tuck the fabric around the waist neatly into the petticoat. Make sure the lower end of the saree is slightly above the floor so that it only shows your toes.


Now comes the most important part- making the pleats. Hold the saree which is hanging from the area tucked in between your thumb and pinky finger. Stretch the fabric until you hold it between your index and middle fingers. It would be around 4 inches wide. Now start pleating the fabric by winding it from your thumb to the index finger. You can make 6-8 pleats.


Tuck the pleats in the petticoat so that the pleated sides fall right below your navel. Adjust the pleated fabric so that they are even and straight. You can askfor help from someone else to even out the pleats.


Now take the extra saree and turn it from right to left. Hold the pallu which is the decorative end of the sari and pleat the top edges of the pallu. Adjust it so that they are even.

Holding the pleated end, bring it under your right arm and place it over the left shoulder so that the pleated end falls below the knee. Secure the pallu safely with a safety pin from inside the saree. Voila! Now you know the art of wearing a saree. You may want to draw inspiration from beautiful movies sarees such as Alia Bhatt bridal look in 2 states.


Add your chosen bindi on your forehead. Put on a matching earring. Adorn your hands with lovely bangles to complete your look. Also, you can add a beautiful necklace to the attire to add the extra zing.

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  • A blouse should be stitched in such a way that it gives a perfect fit. It should be neither too loose nor too tight.
  • Never let the bottom of sari touch the floor otherwise you may trip on it and fall.
  • You can secure the pleats using a safety pin.
  • Never wear casual platform heels or wedges with a saree. A saree looks best in high heels and stilettos.
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How to wear a Saree in a new style
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How to wear a Saree in a new style