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How to Wear a Saree Without Pleats

By Sara . February 1, 2017
How to Wear a Saree Without Pleats
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Saree, the six-yard (or longer!) versatile women's wear is fashionable throughout the year, because there are too many different kinds of saree to count. Moreover, each type of saree can be found in different kinds of fabric, embroidery and draping styles.

Some draping styles are quite popular, while others are worn occasionally as they are a bit hard to wear - but they are all beautiful! For some people, the most difficult part of wearing a saree is making the pleats. If you are wondering how to wear a saree without pleats, keep reading this oneHOWTO article.

You'll need:

  • Saree
  • Blouse
  • Petticoat
  • Trinklet or Ornate Keychain
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Steps to follow:


Wearing a saree without a single pleat is almost impossible. Every style needs some pleats either at the waist or at the pallu. In this article we'll tell you how to wear a saree in the Bengali style, which only needs box pleats that are extremely easy to make.

Start by putting on the blouse and petticoat. Although you can technically wear a saree without a blouse and petticoat, it's not a good idea outside of very private contexts.

Then, take the saree and hold the side which is opposite to the pallu. This side will have comparatively less embellishment or embroidery than the pallu side. Hold the top end corner of that side and then tuck it in the petticoat at the right side of your waist.


Then, bring the saree forward. Moving the saree from the front to back, wrap it around your waist till it comes back to the right side of your body. Tuck in the edges at the top in your petticoat. While tucking in, make sure that the bottom border of the saree is grazing the top of your feet.


Now take the continued edge of the saree and tuck it once again in the right side. Then take the saree edge and bring it to your left side of your waist. Tuck it there.


Now reverse the direction of wrapping the saree by folding it and bringing the continued edge to the right side of your waist and tuck it in the petticoat.


Bring the continued edge back again to the left side and tuck it again. Do this once more. Now your box pleats are complete.


Now position it over your left shoulder and such that the end part is placed behind your shoulder such that the end of pallu falls between mid calf and lower calf.


Now grab the top corner of the portion of pallu which is hanging behind your shoulder. Pull this corner and from the back bring it towards your right side. Then move it from under your right arm so that the pallu is in front.

How to Wear a Saree Without Pleats - Step 7
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Now, attach a trinket or ornate key chain in the corner. Then drape the saree over your right shoulder so that the end of pallu with the trinklet falls over your right shoulder and on the back.

How to Wear a Saree Without Pleats - Step 8
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This is how to wear a saree without pleats in the Bengali style. If you have any tips, please tell us in the comments section!

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How to Wear a Saree Without Pleats