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When to Wear a Saree

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: March 30, 2017
When to Wear a Saree

The Saree is the traditional dress of India, and it is something that works wonders to accentuate the beauty of a woman. That is why, many women from the western world are also seen wearing a saree at different events. But unfortunately, modern Indian women themselves are distancing themselves from this beautiful attire. There are several events which you can go to wearing a saree, and you can definitely look hot in saree. You wil find a saree for almost every party, event or occasion. This OneHowTo.com article is going to tell you when to wear a saree and how.

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  1. At a day time event
  2. At a night function
  3. At a wedding
  4. At a high profile party
  5. While traveling
  6. On festivals
  7. At the office

At a day time event

If you are going to a day time event, you can definitely adorn yourself with a light color cotton saree. Stay away from blue, red and other bright colors, as you will only look over-dressed in such colors at a day time event. Try to choose lighter hues, like light blue, light green, light yellow, cream etc. You can also go for a white saree with floral designs or other prints. Lace work sarees are wonderful for a day time function or event.

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When to Wear a Saree - At a day time event

At a night function

While going for an evening party or a night event, go for a saree with zari or heacy embroidery work. Silk sarees like Kancheepuram silk or Mysore silk give a great look, ideal for a night event. Take a look at some great hairstyles that can go with it too.

When to Wear a Saree - At a night function

At a wedding

Sarees like Sambhalpuri, Mysore silk, Banarsi and Kancheepuram sarees prove to be best options to be work at an Indian wedding. These sarees look great not only at weddings, but at festivals and other night parties as well. Although such sarees are expensive, they give beautiful, gorgeous look to the wearer.

When to Wear a Saree - At a wedding

At a high profile party

Most women like to wear western dresses like gowns at high profile parties. But you can make a difference by wearing an appropriate saree at such an event too. If you are attending a high profile party or dinner with or without your husband, colleagues or family, go for a net or designer saree in a subtle color.

In some cases, the question may arise on whether a white girl can wear a Saree if she attends an event in India. Take a look at our oneHOWTO article to know all the ins and outs on protocol and political correctness.

When to Wear a Saree - At a high profile party

While traveling

Light weight synthetic sarees are best to wear while traveling, as they remain comfortable and easy to manage while on the go. You may also go for light colors, light embroidery and small prints. Stay away from large prints, dark colors, zari or heavy embroidery work.

When to Wear a Saree - While traveling

On festivals

Silk or net sarees are perfect to be worn at festivals like Holi, Diwali, Dusshera, Raksha Bandhan, Bhaiya Dooj, Karwa Chauth etc. Such sarees can be heavy and you may wear matching accessories and jewelry with them too. South Indian silk and Banarsi sarees look wonderful at such festivals, as they give a gorgeous and traditional look to the wearer, keeping at par with the demand of the festive season.

When to Wear a Saree - On festivals

At the office

Light colored sarees like blue, peach, cream, green, white and pink with light prints and embroidery work are appropriate to be worn at your office. Always pin up your saree, as it will be more manageable and comfortable for you. If you are going for a business meeting, wear a plain saree or the one with minimalist design. You can go for cotton, chiffon and raw silk sarees in light color. Whatever occasion you wear a saree at, make sure that it is properly starched or ironed and the pleats are tucked perfectly.

When to Wear a Saree - At the office

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When to Wear a Saree