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How To Wear A Saree When Pregnant

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 27, 2017
How To Wear A Saree When Pregnant

A Saree is an essential outfit in any Indian woman’s wardrobe. It is not only a classic outfit in India, but an elegant outfit to grace a special occasion too. It is one of the hot favorites for Indian women in all seasons. But if you are pregnant, you may feel a little nervous about wearing a saree even in your family function. However, being pregnant does not mean that you have to ditch wearing your favorite outfit. You may still carry your saree seamlessly, provided that you find out how to wear a saree when pregnant at OneHowTo.com.

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  1. Wear a belly band
  2. Be proud to show off your baby bump
  3. Drape it over the bump
  4. Choose a light-weight fabric
  5. Try different saree draping styles

Wear a belly band

If you are not comfortable flaunting your bump, you can camouflage it by wearing a belly band. Made up of some stretchable material, it may be fastened at your back to reduce your bump a little. Try to choose a band that is almost the same color as your saree. This will help your bump to not show up too much. You may even make it at home by using some hooks and a piece of stretchable material. Wrap it around your belly before wearing the saree, and you will be done.

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Be proud to show off your baby bump

If you don’t have issues to show off your bump, move forward and tie the saree below the belly button. This will be one of the best and most elegant ways to drape your saree while you are pregnant. But if you are wearing your saree like this, make sure that the petticoat string does not bite into your tummy. Give a finishing touch by leaving the saree’s end open flowing, or pleat it to achieve a smart look.

How To Wear A Saree When Pregnant - Be proud to show off your baby bump

Drape it over the bump

Another style to wear a saree during pregnancy is tying it above the baby bump. But in this style, you have to be extra careful about checking the way your saree pleats are falling. Look into the mirror and see how long your pleats are. Make sure that they are not left dangling much above your feet. You may need to use some pins to secure them in place, especially if the fabric of the saree is too slippery and smooth.For more information, click here to know How to Drape a Saree to Hide the Tummy.

Choose a light-weight fabric

During pregnancy, it is important to choose the saree fabric carefully. Wearing heavy material can be uncomfortable during pregnancy. It may weigh you down, and it won’t fall so gracefully either. So, go for a light-weight fabric like cotton and raw silk. Such fabrics are easy to be draped. If you are looking for a party wear saree, look for a designer piece in georgette or chiffon.

Try different saree draping styles

You may try different styles of draping a saree, the main purpose of which is to hide your baby bump. You can try simple saree styles that do not require to use a petticoat for extra comfort. A traditional Gujarati style in which the end of the saree is draped around your belly is ideal. You may also cascade down the end of the saree and pin it over your one shoulder. Both these styles are great to hide your tummy. No one will even be able to judge that you are pregnant.

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How To Wear A Saree When Pregnant