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How to Wear a Saree if You are Thin

By Sara . Updated: October 24, 2017
How to Wear a Saree if You are Thin
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The saree (or sari) is quintessential Indian wear. It can make any woman look elegant and graceful and is suitable for almost any occasion. Sarees never go out of fashion and wearing one can make you an instant hit at a whole range of functions. It doesn’t matter whether you are tall or petite, thin or plump, skinny or curvy; sarees suit every body type. However, if you are thin, there are some considerations to make when selecting and wrapping your saree. The trick to knowing how to wear a saree if you are thin is to accentuate the right parts with the corresponding fabric. Let oneHOWTO explain further so you can make your sari work best for you.

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  1. Type of saree
  2. Print on Saree
  3. Colour of Saree
  4. Blouse

Type of saree

As sarees are great for all body types, they can be used by plumper women to hide curves. If you are thin and want to accentuate them, sarees are just as adaptable. With over 80 recorded ways to wear a sari, there certainly must be one which is perfect for you whether or not you are a particularly skinny girl.

If you are a thin woman, many want to wear a saree to appear to have a fuller figure. Creating curves where there aren't many starts with choosing the right saree. The best fabrics for thing or skinny body types are cotton, silk, tissue and organza. These fabrics will not stick to your body and can provide the fuller, sexier figure you are looking for (not to say that being thin isn't sexy in its own right).

Tissue saris in particular are great for adding volume and heft, but we think cotton sarees are the best way to go. Not only will they give thin women a beautiful and full figure, but they are a soft yet durable material which will allow you to use your sari on into the future. They are also breathable, meaning they can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You should avoid fabrics which stick to the body like georgette, chiffon, etc. We also advise against using net sarees which are made from cheap material.

How to Wear a Saree if You are Thin - Type of saree
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Print on Saree

It is common knowledge that different prints and patterns can accentuate certain figures. Wearing a saree if you are thin is no exception. Keeping it simple and streamlined works for fuller figured girls, so it makes sense that the opposite works for slim women. You can choose sarees which have heavy embellishment such rich embroidery, like Alia Bhatt in 2 states, for example.

If you are thin and tall then you can choose sarrees which have big attractive prints and motifs. This can open up the different styles and designs available. Horizontal stripes and checked patterns are particularly good for giving the impression of shape.

If you are shorter in height then sarees with small borders or sarees having no border at all may look better on you. Choose sarees having stripes and delicate prints. Do not go for a big border as they make you look shorter. A Chinese collar can also make your upper body look fuller.

How to Wear a Saree if You are Thin - Print on Saree
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Colour of Saree

Choose sarees which are bright in colour as it creates the illusion of size. This is the opposite of the old adage that says black is slimming on larger women. Bright colour is good for you as chunks of colour visually break up long body lines and make your body look fuller. White sarees will work well with your body shape. This is not to say that sari style for skinny girls doesn't mean you can't wear dark colours. It just means that deeper hues will hide curves rather than emphasize curves.

Whatever your body type, you should choose a saree in a colour which suits your overall tones. If your natural tones are better suited to darker colours, you can still lighten up your look with makeup and accessories.

Keep reading oneHOWTO for ideas on how to style a half saree.

How to Wear a Saree if You are Thin - Colour of Saree
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The best assets of thin girls are slender arms and a toned midriff. To show off your slender thin arms, you can opt for blouses with puff sleeves. These are the sleeves which are usually cut shirt, but have a puffed out appearance when they sit off your shoulder.

To create a fuller silhouette you can wear a low cut blouse or corsets. Corsets in particular will give you a more shapely figure. However, if you are blessed by being naturally slim, you can show off your toned midriff with low waist sarees.

While this article provides advice on how to wear a saree if you are thin, it is not just about giving a fuller figure. You should also work with your own body and make sure you wear something which makes you feel comfortable and confidant.

Now you know how to wear a saree if you are thin you can also learn how to wear a saree in a new style and how to look hot in a saree.

How to Wear a Saree if You are Thin - Blouse
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leena sharma
suggest some indian dresses and hair style for thin ladies
Wearing two petticoats will also help to add volume
OneHowTo Editor
Thank you for this useful tip!!
Samira Dutta
I bought cotton saree. Its really good but wearing it was really tough.I bought it for my friends marriage ceremony and I took almost 2 hours for getting ready. Thanks a lot for these tips. I am going to start practice with these. Say good luck for me.
Ramya dhanraj
I just wanna know.. How to wear a plain Saree with a designer blouse... As am very thin.. Saree won't look gud on me.. So kindly help me..!!
OneHowTo Editor
Layers and flares will create volume to your figure if you are thin, so drape your saree so it creates plaits from your waistline. It's better if the blouse has prints too.
Hope this helps
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How to Wear a Saree if You are Thin