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How to Accessorize a White Saree

How to Accessorize a White Saree

To accessorize a white saree you should first of all pick a contrast, or printed blouse. Then you should choose jewelry, shoes and bags according to either the border of the saree or the color of the blouse.

White has made a comeback in Indian fashion. Although probably designer sarees, it is amazing the number of white sarees you can spot at Bollywood events. That is no coincidence: white sarees allow to play with accessories like no other. Plus, white makes you look hot in saree, without being too out there. Even a revealing white saree gives a sense of serenity, cleanliness and class. Bollywood queen Rekha loves them and her accessories have always been amazing. Lately, it is Kareena Kapoor who is becoming the white saree queen. You have good examples to draw from when it comes to what accessories to wear with one. However, if you cannot pick, do not worry, we will help you choose jewelry, what color of blouse to wear, coordinating makeup, and how to wear it well! So, read on to discover how to accessorize a white saree.

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How to wear a white saree

You should first of all choose the style that suits you best. Here we give you some suggestions, remember to always adapt your saree to the occasion and to your body shape.

  • White with golden borders
  • White with pink borders
  • White with blue borders
  • White with red borders
  • White with silver borders
  • White (plain)
  • White and embroidered
  • White Paithani saree (woven with silk)
  • Bengali women love cotton white and red sarees

Those are the most popular color combinations when it comes to how to wear a white saree. Then comes the kind of shade you choose: bright white, pearl, vanilla, ivory? Those elements all affect the accessorization. Of course an elegant embroidered saree is for a special occasion, while a light saree is more for wearing everyday.

The last thing to remember clothing-wise, is the right underwear. If your blouse and petticoat are light too, make sure you wear underwear similar to your skin tone.


What jewelry to wear with a white saree

Similarly to black sarees, white sarees leave lots of space for creativity and statement pieces.

So, our suggestion is that you pick either statement earrings or statement necklace that go well with the saree borders or blouse. For example, for a white saree with golden borders, traditional big golden jhumkas will be amazing. If you have a cotton white saree with red borders, you can opt for a more ethnic, tribal, rustic piece of jewellery. That will be you main piece. One exception to this rule is if you are wearing a sexy transparent saree, in which case you might want to leave your neck nude.

Since a white saree is so plain, apart from the statement necklace or earrings, you can wear small maang tikka, bangles in the same color as the blouse, toe rings, and nose ring. Just remember to keep them small as you already have one big statement piece.

Metallic accessories are flattering accessories too. One example are kamar belts, which can make your saree stand out from the crowd.

As you can see, it is not so hard to decide what accessories to wear with a white saree as they give freedom of choice. Just make sure you don't overdo it!


What top to wear with a white saree

The logical answer to this is a contrasting blouse. Color contrast looks good with a saree. The classic choice would be either black or red.

However, lately we are seeing other amazing types of blouse or tops being paired with white sarees. Designers are drawing more and more attention to blouses these days. Among the best blouses to go with white saree are printed blouses. They can have ethnic, geometrical or floral prints and become the centre of attention when paired with white. To go heavier on the blouse and make it the star of your outfit, pick a Chinese collared blouse or a dark printed 3/4 sleeves blouse.

If you are wearing an elegant embroidered saree, a golden blouse is probably the most elegant option. Pair it with golden shoes and a white embellished clutch.

For a romantic look, you could also wear a baby pink blouse or a white blouse. Just make sure the white blouse contrasts with the saree at least in the material.

Other things to take into consideration when choosing what color blouse to wear with white saree are:

  • You body: if you upper part is big, wear a black or dark blouse without much embroider or motif.
  • The occasion: a golden embroidered blouse is good for a party, but a black simple blouse might be better for the office.
  • Make sure the blouse is not visible through the pallu when wearing a white saree.
  • Zip looks better than hooks for a white saree blouse

You know all about what color blouse to wear with white saree. Let's go on with how to accessorize a white saree.


What accessories to wear with a white saree

Bag and shoes: again, everything depends on the occasion. Wear a small simple black leather bag with your white office saree, and an embellished white, black or the same color as the saree borders clutch, embellished with stones, for a party.

Shoes that go well with a white saree are black or cream. Opt for juttis for the office, and thin heels for a party. Cream shoes look especially nice on dark skin tones.

We're almost done with our tutorial...

What makeup looks good with a white saree

White saree makeup: you have two options when it comes to white saree makeup. You can either wear nude makeup, again, good for the office, or have the full look for a party.

The full look for a white saree means:

  • waterproof foundation because you do not want to risk staining your white saree
  • rosy cheeks
  • simple kajal all over your eyes to create an intense look
  • little or no eyeshadow, either in brown or in the color of your saree's borders
  • red, pink or raspberry lips, again, adapt to saree's borders. A flashy lipstick is a must with a white saree.
  • nail paint in the same color as lipstick

Remember: first wear the saree, then wear a protection before applying white saree makeup.


How to wear your hair with a white saree

Hairstyles for white saree: a white saree is elegant and classy. It looks good with a bun with some kind of hair jewelry or flower ornament. Alternatively, go for a romantic look with loose, slightly wavy hair.

Now for the last element of our tutorial...

Choosing the right bindi for your saree

The bindi: a white saree calls for a simple red bindi. It can be big or small, depending on you face type. The only other alternatives are: little diamond bindi with a romatic look, big bold or elaborate ethnic bindi with a rustic white saree. You could also draw a bindi on with eyeliner.

Now you know all about how to accessorize a white saree.


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How to Accessorize a White Saree
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How to Accessorize a White Saree