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How to Wear a Bindi - Bindi Designs for Round and Oval Face

Priya Panwar
By Priya Panwar. Updated: April 20, 2017
How to Wear a Bindi - Bindi Designs for Round and Oval Face

Bindi designs for round face include all vertical and elongated bindis. For an oval face, they are more varied. However, women with long faces should avoid ones that are too elongated.

The world of the bindi is becoming more and more fashionable. So, if you are wondering how you can hop on this trend, you came to the right place! The elegant Indian dot is no longer only worn by adult Hindu women. Hollywood stars, young Indian girls and girls in Western countries are also fascinated by it. If you have an irregular face, you need to get your bindi right or you'll risk ruining your look. That is why we will teach you the best designs for each face type, dividing them between bindi designs for round face and an oval face.

Before that, we will explain the reasons to wear a bindi, so if you are new to the world of bindi you can understand the cultural background behind it. Keep reading this oneHOWTO article to discover how to wear bindi - bindi designs for round and oval face.

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  1. Reasons to wear a bindi
  2. Bindi designs for round face
  3. Bindi designs for oval face
  4. Bindi designs for other face types
  5. How to wear a big bindi

Reasons to wear a bindi

What is a bindi and why do Hindu ladies wear them? First of all, it is not only Hindu ladies, it is men too. But ladies wear it in a more fashionable way, matching it with their clothes.The Indian bindi, the dot in the middle of the eyebrows, represents one of the Chakra in Hinduism, the Ajna Chakra. It is also called Third Eye as it is believed to be the point of higher consciousness. Apart from being one's point of higher consciousness, it is also a representation of the concept of Bindu in Sanskrit. Bindu, or dot, is the creation starting point, also representing unity.The vermilion color which was traditionally used for bindi (sindoor) represents one's Shakti, which is strength.Quite meaningful, right? The bindi is a religious symbol and it is always good to have some cultural background when you decide to wear it. So, reasons to wear it: one reason is definitely cultural -religious.The second reason to wear them is aesthetic. They look good, fashionable, and they are the perfect finishing touch for any Indian attire. Today, the bindi is becoming fashionable in the West too, with starts such as Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and Gwen Stefani wearing it.Today, apart from the traditional vermilion bindi, there are bindis available in all colors and shapes. They are often coordinated with saree colors. The sky is the limit.But, when choosing a bindi you must take your face shape into consideration and avoid picking something that does not look good on you.In the following paragraphs we will teach you which bindi would suit your face shape.

How to Wear a Bindi - Bindi Designs for Round and Oval Face - Reasons to wear a bindi

Bindi designs for round face

Round faces have round angles, are not elongated, and usually have cute cheeks. For women with round faces, a vertical, elongated bindi looks good as it will create a sense of length. Another great idea is to create an elongated bindi design by painting or sticking different small dots together. It will give you a elegant ethnic touch.Bindis for round faces should not include be big or round, as they look disproportionate and make the face look round and chubby. Small dots are OK though.Stars with round faces include Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Alia Bhatt, Rani Mukherjee, Vidua Balan, Preity Zinta. Draw inspiration from their bindis!

How to Wear a Bindi - Bindi Designs for Round and Oval Face - Bindi designs for round face

Bindi designs for oval face

Many different bindis go well with an oval face, so the choices are endless. Women with oval faces can wear rounder designs, even big round ones. They can wear triangles, and diamonds, as long as they are not too elongated... There is only one bindi design people with oval faces should avoid: those that are very elongated and vertical as they will make an oval face look even longer. Avoid long drops as well as any other vertical shape.Bollywood stars to draw inspiration from for oval face bindi designs are Katrina Kaif, Madhuri Dixit, and Sonam Kapoor.

How to Wear a Bindi - Bindi Designs for Round and Oval Face - Bindi designs for oval face
Image: http://sareeblousefashion.in

Bindi designs for other face types

Heart shaped face: If you have a heart shaped face, your forehead, as well as cheeks, are quite wide. The chin is narrower. Many girls have this face type. While a heart shaped face is cute, women with a heart shaped face should avoid big bindis that draw attention to a large forehead. Other than that, you can wear anything from small dots to vertical bindis. Tiny round bindis look best on heart shaped girls. Stars with heart shaped face include Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone.Square face: a square face has forehead, cheeks and jawline of the same width, which means the jaw is quite wide. What you want to do if you have a square face is make it less sharp and reduce the angles. That is why circular ones look best on square faces. What square faced girls should avoid are geometrical and large bindis. One interesting thing to notice is that a square face is very common in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Maharashtra girls are able to reduce the sharpness of their face by wearing the typical Maharashtrian bindi. This is a a combination of a half moon shaped, horizontal line and dot. Kareena Kapoor is your source of inspiration if you have a square face.Diamond shaped face: the forehead is small, the chin is pointy and the jawline is quite wide. If you have such a face, avoid huge and geometrical bindis. Avoid sharp edges too. Your best bet is small and circular, or a drop shape. But you can wear any bindi, as long as it is not too big. A star with diamond shaped face is Bipasha Basu.Now that you know how you can wear the bindi, as well as different designs for a round face and oval face, let's look at a new trend: the big bindi!

How to Wear a Bindi - Bindi Designs for Round and Oval Face - Bindi designs for other face types
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How to wear a big bindi

You might have noticed lately that wearing a big bindi is back in fashion. Round, red, big bindis are traditionally from Bengal. That is why Bengali actresses sometimes opt for it during party events. We saw Bipasha Basu, Rani Mukherji, and Kajol wearing it. Big red bindis look best with Bengali cotton sarees, and for special occasions.On the other hand, big black bindis are more easily combined with other fashion styles, especially with color contrast sarees that also have black. Avoid wearing a black bindi that is too big as it looks loud.Big brown bindis are perfect for an ethnic, rustic style, so wear it with traditional style clothes, or modern style plus a statement tribal jewelry piece.Big bindis should be avoided by women with large foreheads.Now you know all about choosing the right bindi for you to wear!If you liked this article, you may be interested in these:-How to Draw a Bindi with EyelinerHow to Stick a Bindi on Your Forehead

How to Wear a Bindi - Bindi Designs for Round and Oval Face - How to wear a big bindi
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Image: http://sareeblousefashion.in
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Image: http://www.in.com
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How to Wear a Bindi - Bindi Designs for Round and Oval Face