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How to Apply Makeup for a First Communion - Guests & Parents

How to Apply Makeup for a First Communion - Guests & Parents

When attending a First Communion, doubts are often raised about how to dress, wear your hair or how to apply makeup. In all three cases, it will be very important to opt for a look that's simple and natural since it is a religious celebration. You must also remember that the children are the stars of the day. At we'll offer some tips to answer the question how to apply makeup for a First Communion.

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Steps to follow:

First, it's necessary to bear in mind that a First Communion is a religious celebration when children are the guests of honor and receive the holy sacrament. Therefore, your makeup, like your hairstyle and dress, must be suitably appropriate for a church ceremony.


Remember that this is a semi-formal event, i.e., you should wear formal wear, but don't overdo it. You don't have to wear a designer label. You should wear discreet and natural makeup that is almost unnoticeable, i.e., don't overdo it and use bright red lipstick or other bright colors, or wear eye make-up that's too flashy.


Normally, communions take place at noon, so the make-up should be suited for day time and we recommend that you opt for an appearance that's natural, according to the colour of your skin, a light eye shadow colour, understated lipstick colour etc. In this article at we provide some tips for natural makeup.


When choosing make-up colors, you should also consider your outfit to match them. Eye shadow is one of the elements that you can play with and can combine with your clothes, but also choose the colors that suit you the most. So check out these tips on how to apply natural eye makeup.


For your cheeks, we recommend blushers in orange tones or light pink tones for white skin. A peach colour is ideal. In the case of brown skin, opt for a more intense pink or brown.


As we mentioned, your lip color shouldn't be too loud or contrast with the rest of your make-up. Lip gloss can be a great option as well as nude tones. For perfect lips, check out our article how to apply lipstick according to shape.


As for a manicure, we suggest you opt for a colour to match your clothes or for something simple that goes well with everything, such as a French manicure. In our nails section, you'll find millions of great ideas!


In terms of hair and makeup, when attending your child's First Communion, don't wear too much makeup but opt for a simple, elegant look. Read here for some ideas about how to style your hair for a First Communion.


It's also very important that you consider a few things when choosing your dress for a First Communion, especially if you're the child's mother. In this article we'll explain about how to dress for your child's First Communion.


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How to Apply Makeup for a First Communion - Guests & Parents
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How to Apply Makeup for a First Communion - Guests & Parents