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How to Apply Makeup with a Sponge

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: August 8, 2017
How to Apply Makeup with a Sponge

Foundation can be applied in various ways but whatever method you choose, you need to know how to use it well for a flawless, natural and beautiful finish. If you are the type who prefers to use a makeup sponge this oneHOWTO article is just for you because it provides a step by step guide to applying makeup with a sponge. We also reveal some professional tricks to get your skin tone perfectly even. Take note!

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Steps to follow:


Makeup sponges can be found in different shapes and of different quality so it's important to choose one that achieves the best possible finish. Bear in mind that high quality sponges are less porous and distribute the product over the skin much better. The most common types of sponges are:

  • Triangular foundation sponge: the most common, allowing access to all areas of the face. There is a wide range in size, which is why you can choose depending on the area of the face you want to apply foundation on. This is very good to reach corners.
  • Oval foundation Sponge: ideal for larger faces and a much faster but less precise application.
  • Beauty Blender foundation sponge: a new type of sponge that is available in different shapes, providing a uniform finish and adapting to every corner of the face. In addition, they can be washed and reused. Let's take a look at each of their uses. For example: teardrop shaped sponges are ideal for the whole face; the smaller tip being for more nifty spots. The pear shaped sponge is created for an easier grip. The sculptor is used for those who need a heavy foundation application, whereas the spade shaped sponge is mainly used for concealer rather than foundation.
  • Brushed sponge: Also known as the makeups sponge brush, this is one of the best tools to apply foundation when using baking or contouring techniques due to its ability to blend perfectly, as it leaves an even and mousse-like feel. Some brushed sponges have different shapes, as beauty blenders have them too.
  • Silicone sponge: What is a silicone sponge? It is actually the latest beauty trend that is substituting the beauty blender. It saves up a lot of makeup as it doesn't have the sponge effect of absorbing and is a cleaner way of applying foundation.
How to Apply Makeup with a Sponge - Step 1

Once you have chosen the best sponge for you, you must clean your face with soap and water and apply a good moisturizer so that the skin is ready for the foundation and other cosmetics. If you want long lasting makeup, we suggest that you first apply a pre-base or primer to your whole face, which will tighten your skin and diminish imperfections much more. You won't need any tools, just use your fingers to apply it.


Now it's time to apply makeup with the sponge. A great trick for a perfect finish, is to wet the sponge with a little water and then wring it out well. This allows the base to be evenly distributed, and stops it from accumulating in the driest areas so the end result is more natural and beautiful. Try not to wet it too much as it may leave unsightly marks on your face.


Place your foundation on the back of your hand and dab the sponge with a small amount of product. Apply it with light strokes starting from the middle of the face, i.e. the central area including the forehead, nose and chin, and slowly spread it out onto the cheeks and toward the outside of the face. Blend the foundation well and try to reach areas like nostrils and earlobes.

Don't try to rub the foundation on your face, but rather use light dabs.

How to Apply Makeup with a Sponge - Step 4

When you have finished applying makeup with the sponge, you can apply a layer of translucent powder to seal it and start using other cosmetics. With these simple steps, your face will look spectacular and there'll be no trace of imperfections.

How to Apply Makeup with a Sponge - Step 5

After applying the foundation. Make sure you squeeze all the leftover water out of the sponge, clean it properly before the next use to avoid any debris or bacteria from accumulating. It is recommended to change your foundation sponge every three months tops for perfect hygiene. Remember to keep all your makeup tools clean to avoid pimples, blackheads and other unsightly conditions.

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How to Apply Makeup with a Sponge