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How to Apply Mousse Foundation

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: August 1, 2017
How to Apply Mousse Foundation

Liquid, cream, powders... there are several types of foundations that we can choose from today to smooth our skin tone and hide all the imperfections affecting the appearance of our faces. But in this oneHOWTO article, we will tell you about another kind of textured makeup: mousse foundation,which is characterized by being very light, suitable for all skin types and perfect for making skin more velvety and luminous. Take note of the following tips to find out how to apply mousse foundation.

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  1. What is mousse foundation used for?
  2. Apply mousse foundation step by step
  3. Mousse foundation for oily skin

What is mousse foundation used for?

Mousse foundation differs, especially, from the rest because it covers 100% of all imperfections, leaving skin incredibly velvety and silky. It offers a matte finish and is very effective for avoiding the appearance of an unsightly facial glare throughout the day. It also feel slight on the skin and is especially useful for dry skin due to its hydrating properties.

Mousse foundation vs liquid foundation

Although both types of foundation are great moisturizers, the most important difference between mousse foundation and liquid foundation is the amount of coverage. Whereas liquid foundation offers a lightweight and natural finish due to its water base, mousse foundation gives you medium to full coverage with a powdery finish that will require more blending. So when to choose mousse over liquid? It is recommended if you need a higher degree of coverage and have from dry to normal skin.

Apply mousse foundation step by step

So now, let's move on to how to applying mousse foundation, there are many on the marke, Maybelline matte mousse or Rimmel mousse foundation being the most popular. It is very simple and in no time you'll get a smooth skin tone. The mousse texture spreads and distributes much better with your fingers, so you don't need a brush or sponge to use this type of foundations. However, for the most compact finish, you can use a damp sponge to apply.

  1. Just take a small amount of product with the index finger and start applying it to the skin and feather it with your fingertips. Usually, you can just apply the mousse in four places: the forehead, nose, chin and cheekbones. These are the areas that throughout the day tend to be greasy, so do not forget to add a thin layer of translucent powder after the base to prevent makeup from smudging off your face.
  2. It is advisable to apply makeup from the centre of the face outwards, taking care to also cover areas such as the earlobes and the line where the hair begins to grow, which will give you balanced tone with impeccable results.
  3. If at the end, you notice that the mousse foundation has not been well spread out, you can blend it in with the brush you use for liquid foundation. Then, your face will be a perfect canvas on which you can apply the rest of your cosmetics, achieving a radiant look.
How to Apply Mousse Foundation - Apply mousse foundation step by step

Mousse foundation for oily skin

Many people doubt whether mouse foundation for oily skin is the best option to use as a makeup base. The truth is that it will depend on the brand of mousse foundation, as brands that use an oil base will not be suitable for oily skin. Instead, search for mousse foundation with an oil-free and mineral base and have a matte finish to prevent that shiny, oily look. Make sure you wash your face properly and get rid of impurities before applying your mousse foundation.

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How to Apply Mousse Foundation