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How to Apply Shimmer Eyeshadow

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: August 3, 2020
How to Apply Shimmer Eyeshadow

The latest trends take us straight back to the 90's, and shimmer eyeshadow is no exception. If you're looking for a look that will make your eyes stand out, shimmer eyeshadow is perfect for this purpose, especially if you're having a night out or have a fun party to attend.

Take a look at all the considerations and things you need to take into account so you can learn how to apply shimmer eyeshadow to look absolutely gorgeous, as there are several options that will suit each type of skin and eye color to perfection.

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Steps to follow:


The first step before we start to show you how to apply shimmer eyeshadow is to know what colors will suit your eyes best depending on several factors.

Eye color

To make your eyes pop, choose the shade of your simmer eyeshadow according to the color of your eyes:

  • Blue eyes: Grey, bronze, brown, beige, yellow, orange, peach and purple.
  • Green eyes: Emerald green, purple, burgundy, gold, copper, lilac, khaki, orange.
  • Brown eyes: Dark brown, beige, gold, pink, aubergine, silver.

Skin tone

Your skin tone is also important, as certain colors will stand out more on certain tones:

  • Light skin: Pink, light green, beige.
  • Olive skin: Brown, gold, salmon, yellow.
  • Dark skin: Burgundy, blue, purple.
How to Apply Shimmer Eyeshadow - Step 1

Now let's start with the application of your shimmer eyeshadow. After having moisturized your face and applied a good primer and base on your whole face, apply some primer on your eyelid and the eyelid's crease to make sure your eyeshadow stays perfect for longer and the colors will look even better.


Next, you'll have to choose the look you want to sport, whether it's natural, elegant or stunning, depending on the occasion.

No matter what, apply your choice of shimmer eyeshadow with an eyeshadow brush on your eyelid without reaching the crease, as this will only highlight your eye wrinkles if you have any.

Dab some shimmer by the tear duct too, especially if you are using a light tone.


Use the same shimmer tone to underline the bottom of the eye for a more stunning effect. Make sure the line is thin so you don't go over the top. A great trick is to use a round brush, dab the tip in the eyeshadow and use it as if it were eyeliner to line the bottom of the eye.


Now, use a matte eyeshadow in one or two shades darker over the crease and upper eyelid to get a more up-to-date look and blend it in.

How to Apply Shimmer Eyeshadow - Step 5

For a monochromatic look you can also use three different colored shades. Use the shimmer should be in the lightest color, apply it on the lid. The second shade should be two tones darker,apply it on the crease and apply a third even darker shade on the top lid. Blend all three tones outwards.

How to Apply Shimmer Eyeshadow - Step 6

If you want absolutely stunning and tropical look for your eyes, combine a polychromatic palette combination by using three totally different colors. Take a look at some of the best combinations:

  • Vanilla, yellow, sky blue and dark blue
  • Gold, beige, maroon and raspberry pink
  • Copper, light brown, pale blue and grey-blue

No matter the color, you should follow the color scheme mentioned above. Use the lightest color for the tear duct, inner part of your eyelid and inner part of the bottom of your eye. Next, use the second color on the outer part of your lower eyelid and the outer part at the bottom. Blend the two tones. Use the third color for the crease and blend outwards and use the third color in matte on the upper part of the eye.

How to Apply Shimmer Eyeshadow - Step 7

To top up your look, use liquid eyeliner if you want your eyes to look more slanted. This is only recommended if you are using light or monochromatic shimmers.

If you have gone for a polychromatic look, use an eyeliner on your bottom inner lid that is a similar one to one of the colors you used, it's better if it's one of the lighter shades.

Apply some mascara for the finishing touch and remember, if you're using very strong colors on your eyes, keep your lipstick nude or in a natural tone.

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  • Lining your eyebrows will define your eyes further and give you a more professional look too.
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How to Apply Shimmer Eyeshadow