The Best Makeup Tips for Blonde Hair

By Mary Smith. Updated: May 18, 2017
The Best Makeup Tips for Blonde Hair

Besides considering your eye color when using makeup, other factors such as the shade of your hair are also important. We can guide you to find the most flattering look for every one of you. This time we focus on women with blonde hair, revealing the best tips for enhancing the attractiveness of your hair and makeup so you can look really spectacular at any event, appointment, meeting, party, etc. Pay attention to this OneHowTo article and discover the best makeup tips for blonde hair.

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Before starting with foundation, it is important to conceal any imperfections which can detract from your face's natural beauty. For women with blonde hair, impurities such as spots or red marks are more noticeable than with most other people, as your complexion is often lighter. Therefore, the best tip for making them virtually invisible is to apply a green concealer. This is ideal for hiding skin redness and balancing skin tone.

If you also want to camouflage unsightly dark circles, it's best to choose a beige, yellow or pale pink concealer, which in any case may be darker than the color of your skin.

The Best Makeup Tips for Blonde Hair - Concealers


Whatever color your hair may be, the golden rule when choosing your foundation is to choose the tone that suits the color of your skin. Make sure the foundation perfectly blends in with your facial skin tone and does not add color, as this can be achieved with cosmetics like blusher or lipstick. The best foundations for blonde women are fluids in neutral beige tones because they can give a very natural aspect that is very flattering for the face.

The Best Makeup Tips for Blonde Hair - Foundation

Eye shadows

To show off dramatic eye makeup and highlight the expressiveness of your eyes, it is also important that your choice is based on your eye color as well as the tone of your blonde hair. To follow, here are some tips that will make you look great for any occasion:

  • Blonde hair and brown eyes: shades of pink, mauve, grey, orange, salmon, bronze and khaki are very flattering.
  • Blonde hair and green eyes: shadows in shades of plums, lilac, burgundy, emerald green, brown, gold and copper are good choices.
  • Blonde hair and blue eyes: beige, gold, copper tones, violet, cobalt blue and pink are excellent shades.

Remember the premise of less is more when it comes to eye makeup and don't overdo the amount of eye-shadow. That way, you'll avoid looking artificial or overdone which is unattractive.

The Best Makeup Tips for Blonde Hair - Eye shadows

Smoky eyes

Although you can show off classic smoky eyes to emphasize them and give them more depth, you can create the same effect with grays or browns which is ideal for a more natural and fresh look. If you have blue eyes, try using different shades of the same color and see how beautiful you look.

As for mascara and eyeliner, you can also opt for black when you want to emphasize your appearance or lighter shades like browns for an everyday look.

The Best Makeup Tips for Blonde Hair - Smoky eyes


Another valuable makeup tip for blondes concerns your blusher tone. This is an essential cosmetic to give some color to your cheeks and achieve a fresher and more youthful appearance. Women with light blonde hair look best with pale pink blushers, whilst those with more golden blonde tones should opt for pink and peach blusher tones. If you have fairly dark blonde hair, pink shades are preferable to those that tend to have more brown hues.

You should always keep in mind that both terracotta and darker brown blushers will make your complexion appear whiter and paler.

The Best Makeup Tips for Blonde Hair - Blusher

Lip makeup

A lip tone that matches the blusher tone on the cheeks is always a safe bet for girls with blonde hair. Those with lighter skin can look very beautiful with pink lips with blue, apricot or peach hues. However, those with dull skin look amazing with pink, raspberry or scarlet lips. Forget about very dark lip colors like brown or purple, which can age your facial features and make your skin look paler.

The Best Makeup Tips for Blonde Hair - Lip makeup


If you have dyed your hair blonde, it is very important you consider the color of your eyebrows and try to blend them with your hair color so they look better. Do not use dark eyeliner on your eyebrows. Instead, choose light brown or grey tones. If you have bleached your hair and the change is very drastic, it is best to ask your hairdresser to lightly bleach your eyebrows as well.

In the next article we show you how to apply makeup on your eyebrows step by step, so don't miss it!

The Best Makeup Tips for Blonde Hair - Eyebrows

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The Best Makeup Tips for Blonde Hair
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The Best Makeup Tips for Blonde Hair

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