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How to Draw a Bindi with Eyeliner

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 31, 2017
How to Draw a Bindi with Eyeliner

Each item in your makeup kit can be put to a variety of uses. For instance, a lipstick can be used not only to color your lips, but for other uses as well. Similarly, an eyeliner can also be used for many other purposes than to just shape your eyes. One of the best and most creative things you can do with your eyeliner is to draw a bindi on your forehead. A bindi definitely looks beautiful if paired with an ethnic outfit, and it plays a significant role in completing your look. Creating your own bindi with an eyeliner will allow you to have something that no other woman in the world will have. Here at OneHowTo.com, we are going to discuss about how to draw a bindi with eyeliner.

Perfect way to make an instant bindi

Many women in India use an eyeliner to make instant bindi designs regularly. It is an easy and quick way to draw a bindi, as an eyeliner often comes with a thin brush. Some women are so perfect at it that they can draw a bindi with eyeliner even without looking into a mirror. Some women prefer drawing these bindis than using sticker bindis because they can design the bindi on their forehead as per their mood and personal taste. They can make new designs everyday, be it a dot, a line or an arrow. Apart from these simple strokes, you may make some intricate and complicated bindi designs with an eye liner as well. If you use different colors of eyeliners like green or blue, then you may make different color bindis to match with your outfit.

Some cool bindi designs with eye liner

Apart from the simple dots, line and arrows, you can make some intricate designs with question marks, number 3 or an S letter. Just use some commas, colons and dots here and there to add beauty to the bindi design. Some patterns can also be made with hearts, circles, triangles and other shapes. Other designs that you can try include:

Snake style bindi

It is a popular bindi design that most vamps on the Indian small screen industry wear. It looks best when paired with blue denim jeans and a khaki shirt.

Tribal style bindi

A tribal style bindi looks absolutely stunning with tribal printed tops and long skirts.

Letter style bindi

Experiment with letters or alphabets and add some fun to your style. Letter S, I, U, V, W, X and Z can be effectively used to create attractive bindi designs with eye liner.

Floral style bindi

Floral patterns look absolutely stunning when worn with salwar and kurtis.

Sun style bindi

This bindi style represents the divine form of solar energy. This style has a circle in the middle, and several lines are drawn outwards representing the sun’s rays. It pairs well with black saree.

Half moon style bindi

This kind of bindi design looks best on long, square and heart shaped faces. It goes great with salwar suits and sarees.

How to Draw a Bindi with Eyeliner - Some cool bindi designs with eye liner

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How to Draw a Bindi with Eyeliner