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How to Accessorize a Black Saree

Step by step
How to Accessorize a Black Saree

To accessorize a black saree, you should first of all look at the color of the saree borders and embroideries and match jewellery, shoes and bag with it. When it comes to makeup for black saree, it is best to opt for brown shadows and natural lips to avoid looking too dark.

Black saree is an outfit you can never go wrong with for a special occasion (apart from when you are invited to a wedding). It is classy, traditional but stylish and modern at the same time. A black saree is like a canvas: if you accessorize it well, it will look amazing, with the wrong accessories for black saree, it will be the worst outfit ever. So, if you are wondering: what accessories to wear with a black saree, you are already planning to succeed, because accessories for black saree need planning and research. Today at oneHOWTO we will help you pick the best matching accessories for black saree by talking about what jewellery to wear with black saree, makeup tips or black saree, how to look good in black saree and how to accessorize a black saree.

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When it comes to how to accessorize a black saree, there are a few points to bear in mind before picking jewellery, shoes, bag etc.

  • Does your black saree have embroideries? What color are the zari - borders? You should pick matching accessories for black saree according to the work of your saree.
  • In general, black sarees allow for neon accents, sparkle, metallic accessories and gold. You can really glitter with a black saree, just remember to keep it tasteful.
  • What material is your black saree? If it is silk, for example, you can add some gold bling. If it is a cotton saree, keep you accessories minimal.

Now that you know the general rules, we can go on with our tutorial on how to accessorize a black saree.


What comes to mind when researching matching accessories for black saree is what jewellery to wear with black saree. Matching jewellery for black saree should pair with the saree work. For example, if the zari or embroideries are silver, white or grey, you can opt for silver, diamond or pearl jewellery. If the saree work is golden or red, golden jewellery will look nicer. If, on the other hand, your black saree work is more colorful (green, orange or whatever other color), you can wear a heavy necklace with laces or stones in that color, or bangles in the same color.

In general, a statement necklace in tribal or nawabs style looks good with a black saree because it gives it grandeur and becomes a focal point. If you want your earrings to be the focal point, you can always wear a silver necklace with a small diamond, a diamonds chain, a pearl chain, or a gold chain.

As for the earrings, they will very much depend on the necklace you are wearing. If you chose a pearl necklace, pair it with pearl earrings for a super classic and elegant look. If the necklace you are wearing is minimalistic, you can wear big silver or gold jhumkas. If you are wearing a statement necklace, small diamond earrings or tiny gold pendant earrings will suffice.

When it comes to matching jewellery for black saree, you can really go wild with the glitter, so feel free to wear jewellery you wouldn't wear everyday such as haath phool, maang tikka, or a headgear.

Kamar belts (or other types of belts) are another piece of jewellery to wear with black saree. Choose one with stones that pair with the saree work. If the saree work is silver, you can wear a silver belt with small bells. For a modern twist, wear a leather or lace belt.

A brooch on the shoulder can also look good if you want to accessorize a black saree in a classic style.

You can choose lots of small bangles in black, alternating them with bangles in the color of the saree work. Or you can opt for one single bigger bracelet.

The bindi to wear with a black saree can be a small diamond, or a rhinestone in the same color as the saree work. Glittering bindis look better with black saree than plain matte ones.

In general, when it come to what jewellery to wear with black saree, you are free to wear eye-catching jewellery you wouldn't normally do. It is your occasion to bling and glitter!

Let's now see some more tips on how to accessorize a black saree.


Other matching accessories for black saree include a nice blouse, petticoat, bag and shoes.

A blouse for a black saree should fit you perfectly. Black sarees make you look thinner, so do not add volume: wear a tight blouse. The blouse should also match the saree work and jewellery. A Chinese collar can be worn in more formal and elegant occasions, while spaghetti or backless blouse can be worn when you want to look hot in a saree.

The petticoat for a black saree can be plain, or neon and metallic for a ultra-modern twist.

A good bag to wear with a black saree is definitely small, ideally a silver, gold, or rhinestones clutch (depending on your saree work).

Black sarees look best with high heels. Do not wear flats with an elegant black saree. Since a black saree will make you look thinner and taller, add some height, even if it is a tiny heel, it will look better than flats. You can choose between black shoes, or glittering ones.

An elegant shawl can add structure and elegance to a black saree in winter.

If you are looking at how to accesorize a black saree, you cannot go wrong with the hairstyle, read further to discover the best hairstyles for black sarees.


Good hairstyles for black sarees include all possible options of hair updos. Black sarees do not look good with loose hair or braids. It is better t opt for a bun or chignon.

You can embellish you hair with glittering clips and hairbands if you are wearing a black saree.


Now, to complete this how to accessorize a black saree tutorial, we will give you some makeup tips for black saree.

A black saree makeup, contrary to the accessories for black saree, should be light and minimal. You do not want to look dark and gothic, and that is the risk when wearing a black saree.

Wear gold and brown eye-shadow with a simple kajal line and mascara. Avoid black eye-shadow with a black saree: you want glittering eyes, not dark eyes.

The lips should never be too red. Opt for a different shade such as peach or orange to avoid looking witchy!

The last makeup tip for black saree is: be careful with the foundation as black saree stains easily!


Now you know how to accessories a black saree, including hair and makeup. The last suggestion we want to give you is: if you are looking at how to look good in black saree, remember that black saree is a evening outfit that does not look good during the day.

We hope you enjoyed our how to accessorize a black saree tutorial.


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How to Accessorize a Black Saree
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How to Accessorize a Black Saree