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How to Stitch Sherwani Collar

Priya Panwar
By Priya Panwar. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Stitch Sherwani Collar

Follow our sherwani collar tutorial to stitch your own sherwani collar. It is not too hard to do, but you will probably need some practice to nail the measurements and sewing skills.

The sherwani is a very elegant outfit, perfect for weddings, and a collar is what makes it really stand out. Today at oneHOWTO we will learn how to stitch sherwani collar in mandarin chinese style. Follow the tutorial and pictures closely to make your own sherwani collar at home.

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Steps to follow:


What you need:

  • piece of paper
  • fabric for collar
  • fusible interfacing
  • iron
  • sewing machine
  • needle and thread in similar color as the fabric

Making the sample Sherwani collar: to stitch a sherwani collar you will have to first measure your neckline by starting from the bottom centre of your neck, going towards the back of your neck. Repeat with the other side of your neck. Now you have 2 length measurements, which summed together will give you the final collar length.

You need to make a sample of your sherwani collar. Take a piece of paper and follow the oval line as shown in the picture below. The length should be the same as the measurement you took, and the width depends on the type of sherwani collar you like. We would recommend making it around 2 cm wide. Now cut the piece of paper following your measurements and the lines in the picture below. Repeat with the other side of the sherwani collar. Remember, you took 2 measurements: 1 form one side of your neck, and one for the other.

Basically, if you unite the 2 pieces of paper together, you will get a sample of your sherwani collar. Try it on and see if you need to make adjustments. Let's now progress with our sherwani collar tutorial and see how to stitch sherwani collar.

How to Stitch Sherwani Collar - Step 2

Sherwani collar cutting: now take your fabric, unite the 2 sample paper sherwani collar sides on top of it. Place them together as a whole collar neck. Cut the fabric one cm wider than the edges of your sherwani collar sample. So, you are following the same lines as the sample, but you are making it wider. Look at the picture below: you now have a whole length sherwani collar of the same length as the 2 paper samples put together, but wider.

Cut another piece of fabric with the same measurement as the one you have just cut: now you have 2 pieces of fabric in the shape of your band collar, but wider.

Cut the fusible interfacing exactly the same as your paper sherwani collar samples placed together. So, the fusible interfacing has exactly the same measurements as you final collar, while the 2 fabric collar bands are the same length, but wider.

Until now, it is easy to learn how to make sherwani collar, let's see the next step.

How to Stitch Sherwani Collar - Step 3

How to make sherwani collar, fusible interface: the fusible interface is used to give structure to the sherwani collar, Chinese style.

What you need to do with it is iron it to one of the fabric bands. Apply it in the centre, on the inner side of the fabric. The bubble side of the fusible interface should face the inner part of the fabric. Iron it well so that it sticks there. So now you have a hard collar band made of fabric and fusible interfacing, and a simple collar band without fusible interfacing (see picture below).

The sherwani collar is finally gaining structure, let's see what else you need to do to cut and stitch sherwani collar.

How to Stitch Sherwani Collar - Step 4

Folding the sherwani collar: now take the fabric with the fusible interfacing glued to it and fold the bottom edge of the fabric over the fusible interfacing (the bottom side). Press so that the fabric remains folded.

Take the other collar band (the one without the fusible interfacing) and place it on the table with the inner side facing down, and the outer side of the fabric facing up. Put the collar band with the fusible interfacing on top of it. The fusible interfacing should face up, so the outer parts of the fabric of the 2 collar bands are facing each others, The upper line should meet, while the bottom line of the collar with interfacing will be smaller because we folded it. Look at the picture below.

How to Stitch Sherwani Collar - Step 5

Sewing sherwani collar: now we are going to start sewing the sherwani collar. Sew the 2 pieces of fabric together following the upper line of the fusible interfacing. Make sure the collar bands are positioned exactly as we explained in the previous step before starting sewing. So, now the all upper part of the sherwani collar is sewed together as shown in the picture below. In the lower part, the fabric remains folded as shown in the previous picture.

How to Stitch Sherwani Collar - Step 6

How to cut and stitch sherwani collar: now trim the upper edge of the sherwani collar so that the edges get closer to the fusible interfacing, sewed line.

It is now time to attach the collar to the sherwani or kurti (we have a tutorial on how to stitch kurtis). With your sherwani fabric facing down, sew the part of the sherwani collar band that does not have the fusible interfacing glued to it to the neckline. Sew all along the neckline. The fabric of the sherwani collar that does have the fusible interfacing attached to it should be the visible external part, so now should face down, like the sherwani fabric. Sew accordingly.


How to make sherwani collar, last step: take the collar band part that has the fusible interfacing attached to it and fold it over the neckline. So now the sherwani collar with fusible interfacing is over the neckline, on the external part of the sherwani, like shown in the picture. Now the only thing you need to do is stitch the sherwani collar onto the front part of the sherwani by using a matching color thread.

It gets a bit of practice to nail the art of cutting and sewing sherwani collar, but if you follow our how to stitch sherwani collar tutorial you will surely be able yo make your own sherwani. Comment below if you have any questions.

How to Stitch Sherwani Collar - Step 8

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How to Stitch Sherwani Collar