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How To Dress Like A Modern Day Hippie

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Dress Like A Modern Day Hippie

The Hippie counterculture was born in America during the 60s, an era marked by a line of thought and policy that supported the sexual revolution and free love amongst other premises. Although nowadays its social influence corresponds mainly to the 60s and 70s, the Hippies left some important legacies such as their philosophy of love and respect for others and nature, and of course their dress sense has been adapted to the new century, so today we show you how to dress like a modern day Hippie but in a very fashionable way!

You'll need:

  • Wide-ankle trousers
  • Shirts, loose skirts or dresses with fabrics that allow movement
  • Accessories, big sunglasses, long necklaces, colourful bracelets
  • Wedge sandals, flat sandals, boots with natural elements
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Steps to follow:


The first thing we should say, before talking about any type of garment, is don't be afraid of colours. The hippie style is characterized by colour, by the use of accessories and by the joy in their dress sense, and also by the use of elements that evoke nature.


Use wide-ankle trousers. They don't necessarily have to be bell-bottomed - the ones that marked the 60s and 70s, but you can also wear wide-ankle trousers. Boot cut straight-fit trousers are a perfect example of this type of fashion.

How To Dress Like A Modern Day Hippie - Step 2

Floor-length dresses or skirts, with colorful and fun prints, are also a key element in the Hippie style. This type of clothing is not usually tight to the body, it shows the body shape but is based on the use of loose fabrics that allow freedom of movement.

How To Dress Like A Modern Day Hippie - Step 3

Shirts, a little tight in the bust area for girls and then loose, with soft fabrics that allow movement are distinctive Hippie fashion, for boys simple shirts with any pattern that remind you of the period, such as a rock band or symbol will be fine.

How To Dress Like A Modern Day Hippie - Step 4

There are all kinds of shoes and this will depend very much on the season and personal style. Converse Shoes, Chuck Taylor specifically, were characteristic for the 60s and 70s. In summer, sandals or platform wedges and flat roman style sandals are the best. In winter flat, simple boots that evoke a bit of nature, with materials like fringed suede or corduroy, are great for the Hippie style.

How To Dress Like A Modern Day Hippie - Step 5

Accessories are key to dressing like a hippie, large glasses suit boys and girls, but girls can generally have more fun here. Bows for your hair, long necklaces, thick bracelets in assorted prints and large bags are an important part of Hippie fashion and successfully complete your outfit

How To Dress Like A Modern Day Hippie - Step 6

The Hippie counterculture style is closely linked with nature, so always choose natural textiles and if possible buy organic clothing, whose manufacturing processes and dyeing have less impact on nature than the rest.

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How To Dress Like A Modern Day Hippie - Step 7

To complete the look you can use some of the elements of the era, like the peace sign or certain types of prints, but do not take it too far, you want to dress in the Hippie style and not look like you've just come out of a time machine from the 60s.

How To Dress Like A Modern Day Hippie - Step 8

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  • Freedom distinguishes the Hippie style, so lose yourself in the soft materials
  • Use colours, vibrant ones in summer and pastels in winter, and try earthy shades like green, brown or ochre
  • Have fun with accessories
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How To Dress Like A Modern Day Hippie