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How to wear a Saree if you are Short

By Sara . Updated: September 4, 2017
How to wear a Saree if you are Short

Usually, Saree is known as an Indian attire. But it is also popular in other parts of the Asian sub continent. The Saree has seen dynasties and battles and still it reigns as the most important attire in every Indian woman’s wardrobe. Its appeal is timeless.

The timeless appeal of the saree can only be maintained if it is draped perfectly. A saree worn in an untidy way can ruin your day. Some women shy away from wearing saree as they think that it can look elegant only on tall slim women. But the truth is that a saree is for each and every woman, you just need to know how to drape it for short height. Even if you are short you can look elegant and classy by keeping a few points in mind. Take a look at how petite Alia Bhatt wears her sarees in 2 states, for example. For such ladies this article will tell you How to wear a Saree if you are Short.

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  1. Avoid bold big prints and heavy borders
  2. Wear a Vertical Stripes Saree
  3. Blouse
  4. Sari Pallu: how to drape saree for short height
  5. Petticoat
  6. Accessories
  7. Footwear

Avoid bold big prints and heavy borders

The first rule to wear a saree if you are short in height and love to wear a saree is - avoid bold big prints and heavy borders. Small and medium prints will look great on you. Sarees with thin borders will make you look tall. To look sensuous choose a saree in a solid dark color. Plain sarees with a dark color border will make you look beautiful.

How to wear a Saree if you are Short - Avoid bold big prints and heavy borders
Image: bhavishcouture

Wear a Vertical Stripes Saree

Avoid wearing sarees with horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes on a Saree add illusion of vertical height and give a tall look. Vertical striped sarees are available in the market in all colors. But take care that the stripes are not too broad. Nivi style is one of the best ways to drape a saree for short height, as it will give you a classy and minimal look that will stylize your figure.

How to wear a Saree if you are Short - Wear a Vertical Stripes Saree
Image: bluelilys


Just like the saree, avoid a blouse with horizontal stripes. Wear a heavy blouse with a light saree and if your saree is a bit heavy then opt for a plain blouse. Take care that the stripes on the blouse and the saree make a perfect combination. Usually for a striped blouse it is advised to wear plain saree but in some cases a striped blouse also looks good on a stripped saree. Check our tips on the best blouse designs to look hot in a saree.

How to wear a Saree if you are Short - Blouse
Image: sareetimes

Sari Pallu: how to drape saree for short height

If you are wearing a saree for the office then pinup your pallu properly as it gives a smart look. Do not use a big pin as it may give you clumsy look. A small pin will look elegant on you. For parties and other occasions, leave the pallu a bit loose.


Do not wear a flared petticoat, but always wear a slim fit petticoat. It should be at ankle length so that your legs are not visible at all.

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There are no set rules for accessories. But always wear accessories which compliment your look and never overdo the accessories.

How to wear a Saree if you are Short - Accessories
Image: laedukreationpvt


For short women heels are the best option. It adds height. But do not wear sky high heels as it will bring the attention to your heels and thus to your short frame.

If you want to know more, take a look at our article How to choose a saree according to your body shape.

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How to wear a Saree if you are Short