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Simple Hairstyles for Saree

By Sara . Updated: January 31, 2017
Simple Hairstyles for Saree

Saree is such a versatile piece of cloth that you can wear it in every formal or informal occasion and even as daily wear. What can make or break your look in a saree is the hairstyle. Right hairstyle can make you stand out in a crowd and wrong hairstyle will also make you stand out in a crowd but in an unattractive way. So, it’s necessary that you coordinate your hairstyle according to the saree and the occasion.

In this article you'll find out some simple hairstyles for Saree.

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  1. Bun with flower
  2. Braided Hair
  3. Layered Hair
  4. Soft Curls
  5. Side swept hairs
  6. Fishtail hair braid
  7. Pixie style

Bun with flower

A classic bun or chignon can go with every saree, however simple or ornate it may be. But adding flowers to the bun gives a beautiful traditional appearance to your entire look. It looks amazing with dark sarees. Also, if you are attending an occasion where you are quite busy then a chic bun will keep your hairs neat for a long period of time.

Simple Hairstyles for Saree - Bun with flower
Image: s1.yimg

Braided Hair

A simple braid on long hair can add elegance to any saree. If you are attending a special occasion like wedding then you can wrap a string of flower around the braid or you can add a traditional chain of costume jewelry.

Simple Hairstyles for Saree - Braided Hair
Image: metromela

Layered Hair

If your hair has a good layered haircut then you don’t need much hassle with this hair style. Simply part your hair from the middle and then comb the hair from root to tip. This will add bounce to hair. For adding volume you can use volume boosting mousse, gels or sprays.

This hair style can be perfect for both traditional and formal occasion.

Simple Hairstyles for Saree - Layered Hair
Image: metromela

Soft Curls

Soft curls at the end of hair add grace and elegance to your face. If you don’t have natural curls then just spend a few minutes with curlers or straighteners or whichever method you prefer. Part your hair from the middle and you are ready for the show!

Simple Hairstyles for Saree - Soft Curls
Image: hairzstyle

Side swept hairs

Side swept hair looks extremely gorgeous on saree. Side part your hair on the right side. Then bring all the hair behind your back. Now take all the hair and bring it over your left shoulder. Secure the back with hair accessory or bobby pins. That’s it! Your beautiful side swept hairstyle is ready.

Add curls at the end of hair to add softness to your face.

Simple Hairstyles for Saree - Side swept hairs
Image: fashionlady

Fishtail hair braid

If you want to look trendy and chic in your saree then try fishtail braid hairstyle.

Simple Hairstyles for Saree - Fishtail hair braid
Image: indianbeauty.tips

Pixie style

If you like short hair then you can opt for pixie cut. It is extremely easy to maintain and also hassle free. Just add some height to the crown, a bit of texture to the hair and a bindi and you are ready for the indo–western look on saree.

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Simple Hairstyles for Saree - Pixie style
Image: blog.cbazaar

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Image: s1.yimg
Image: metromela
Image: metromela
Image: hairzstyle
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Image: indianbeauty.tips
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Simple Hairstyles for Saree