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Hairstyles for Thick Coarse Hair

Elsie Goycoolea
By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: January 16, 2017
Hairstyles for Thick Coarse Hair

Thick hair is surely a stylist’s dream given the wide range of styling possibilities in place to give elegance, vitality and character to voluminous hair. However, for someone with thick coarse hair, it can be a nightmare maintaining and taming thick hair. Often it takes finding the right hairstyle and haircut for thick hair to achieve the weightless outcome that you desperately want. Thick hair can be styled in short and long haircuts elegantly and harmoniously.

In this oneHOWTO article we share several hairstyles for thick coarse hair.

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  1. Blunt boyish hairstyle
  2. Chic half-up hairstyle
  3. Elegant long layers with side bangs
  4. Sleek behind-the-ear hairstyle
  5. Big beachy waves hairstyle

Blunt boyish hairstyle

Not every woman will be bold enough to cut their hair off; but if you are up for the challenge, see if it will work for you. Shorter hairstyles are easier to style and maintain, which may relieve some of the stress from having to take care of bulky hair. Go for a shorter cut on one side and longer on the other. Part your hair on the side and allow your hair to fall onto the other side. You may also choose to add some side bangs and cut the ends of your hair for a disheveled look.

Hairstyles for Thick Coarse Hair - Blunt boyish hairstyle
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Chic half-up hairstyle

When your hair has just passed shoulder length it is no longer considered short hair nor is it long enough for the longer hairstyles. At this length, you may not know what to do with your thick hair that just keeps puffing out. We recommend that you try sectioning your hair and tying the upper half up in a bun, small ponytail or hair clips (picture below). This way you are removing some of the bulkiness from your face while keeping some of your hair down.

Hairstyles for Thick Coarse Hair - Chic half-up hairstyle

Elegant long layers with side bangs

It may seem as if adding layers when you have thick hair will add unnecessary volume. That is not always the case since longer layers will help to tame down thick coarse hair and give it some movement. Moreover, bangs work better when you have thicker hair by making sure it covers your forehead completely. Side bangs help to contour your face.

Hairstyles for Thick Coarse Hair -  Elegant long layers with side bangs
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Sleek behind-the-ear hairstyle

Many women with thick hair will constantly try to iron their hair straight to prevent it from puffing up. This process tends to damage your hair and make it frizzy or dry. Alternatively, you may want to apply some styling products on your hair and then tuck the front part of your hair behind your ears. At first, you may think this will not work for you but try it first with a ponytail and see how it goes. It is the perfect hairstyle for a polished and sophisticated look.

Hairstyles for Thick Coarse Hair - Sleek behind-the-ear hairstyle
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Big beachy waves hairstyle

Finally, maybe it is time to honor your thick and luxurious hair by styling it bold and beautiful. Hair is a sign of health and vitality and if you are taking proper care of your hair and scalp, there is no reason why you can’t go for this feminine and sexy look. Make sure you are applying gentle heat on your hair and go all in.

Hairstyles for Thick Coarse Hair - Big beachy waves hairstyle

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Hairstyles for Thick Coarse Hair