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How to Slick Hair Back without it Looking Greasy

By Sara . Updated: January 30, 2017
How to Slick Hair Back without it Looking Greasy

Slick back hair style was in fashion during 1950s. It has made a revival recently, both for men and women, and that too with a bang. You may have seen many actors sporting this elegant look but always wondered how to pull it off. If this is the case then don’t worry because in this OneHowTo article we will tell you how to slick back without it looking greasy.

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  1. Hair styling products
  2. Styling tools
  3. How to create the slick back hairstyle?

Hair styling products

To create the slick back hair you will need some very good hair styling products. For most men, slick back hair means lots of pomade, such as with the slicked back undercut. But that’s not the case. You need to choose your hair styling product according to the texture of your hair.

For fine hair

A good quality hair gel is the best option for men having fine hair. For fine hair, pomade can also be used to achieve the sleek look but one must know the amount it needs to look slick and not greasy.

For thick hair

Men having thick hair should use pomade to slick their hair. Pomade are of two types: Clay pomades and oil and water based pomades. Clay pomades gives a matte finish and oil and water based pomade gives a more shiny finish.

For coarse hair

Usually it is said that slick back hair does not look good on coarse hair. But with the help of hair wax, such men can sport the slick back hairstyle.

Styling tools

The most important tool for a slick back hair style is the fine tooth comb. Never try to experiment with a wide tooth comb as it will make your hair look raked up instead of slick.

The next styling tool you need is a large paddle brush. It should be used to smoothen the back hair.

How to Slick Hair Back without it Looking Greasy - Styling tools

How to create the slick back hairstyle?

  1. At first get a good haircut to sport the slick back hair look and make sure that you have a clean shaven neck.
  2. Before applying any hair product make sure that your hair is damp. Then using your finger, coat the hair with a suitable hair product such as pomade. Make sure that you have got the right amount of hair product. Less will not help you in achieving the look and more will make your hair look greasy. So, experiment and find the right amount suitable for your hair. If you can’t decide then ask from your hairstylist.
  3. Then take the fine tooth comb and start guiding back the hair on top of your head. This is called the first slick.
  4. If you are going for a classic slick then hair at the top of your head and the sides are slicked back in straight parallel line in the first slick.Then a couple more slicks are needed to get the final look. Usually 3 to 6 slicks are required for this look. In the classic slick, the hair is given very little volume and hence they lay flat on the head.
  5. The most preferred slick back hairstyle nowadays shows volume and creativity in your hair. Contrary to the classic look, in the modern slick back hairstyle the sides are only given the first slick. After giving the first slick to the hair on top of your head, you can give a couple more slicks using the comb or just your fingers. Using fingers for the slicks will give volume to the hair as you can lift the hair while giving the slicks. You can also use a hair dryer to achieve the volume in modern slick back look.
How to Slick Hair Back without it Looking Greasy - How to create the slick back hairstyle?

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How to Slick Hair Back without it Looking Greasy