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Bixie Haircut - What Is It and How to Style It

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: July 10, 2024
Bixie Haircut - What Is It and How to Style It

Short hair is increasingly in demand among women, as it greatly benefits the face and gives it a very rejuvenating appearance. This year, one hairstyle in particular has stood out, which is a perfect blend of two popular cuts: the bob and the pixie. The Bixie is the playful, low-maintenance haircut that is trending right now. It was very popular in the 90s and now is back to stay.

The following oneHOWTO article will everything you need to know about the Bixie haircut, its main characteristics and how to style it.

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  1. What is the Bixie haircut?
  2. Characteristics of the Bixie haircut
  3. How to style the Bixie haircut

What is the Bixie haircut?

We know that a highly textured, sweeping hairstyle always goes over well with people of all ages. Best of all, you do not need much length for a playful cut. The Bixie is a combination of a pixie and bob haircut. This fusion of two cuts combines the length and versatility of a bob with the fullness of a short pixie.

The Bixie is a short or medium length, casual and irregular style. It leaves the neck free, while it is more trimmed on the sides. It may or may not include bangs and has shorter layers that start at the crown, adding volume and texture to the look. Therefore, it also has some similarity with the shaggy cut. However, these layers can either be very pronounced or cut at an angle to soften them. In other words, it is completely customizable.

The Bixie combines the two hairstyles in a way that is both chic and airy.

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Characteristics of the Bixie haircut

The Bixie haircut gets its name from the combination of pixie and bob haircuts. That is, its length is characterized by being longer than the Pixie, but not reaching the length of the Bob. In the end, it achieves a refined, flattering result by combining the advantages of both. Moreover, it can be worn with or without bangs, with straight or frayed ends, with or without layers. You get the sharpness of a pixie without giving up the facial frame and fringe of a structured bob.

Now let us take a look at the main features of this trendy hairstyle:

  • Is not too high maintenance: this cut is perfect for people who want a cut without committing to the care of a short hairstyle.

  • Is very customizable: there are many different versions of this hairstyle. The length can vary from tighter in the back and stringy around the face to chin length. If you are considering this haircut, come to your appointment well prepared. Pictures are always helpful, especially because this cut is very customizable.

  • Suits everyone: this haircut suits blondes, brunettes, brunettes, and redheads. It also looks great on straight, wavy or curly hair.

  • It grows out well: even if you do not love your Bixie, it does not take as long to grow out as a full-blown pixie cut. It can easily grow into a bob without a transition period.

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Bixie Haircut - What Is It and How to Style It - Characteristics of the Bixie haircut

How to style the Bixie haircut

The Bixie is suitable for those who like a messy short hairstyle and volume. And, as mentioned above, it is a cut that suits all ages and hair types. Learn how to best style this haircut by following the recommendations below:

  • If you have fine hair, experts recommend using a texture spray or mousse. These products help to create volume at the roots. It is also useful to let the hair air dry or, if you use a hair dryer, direct the air from the bottom to the top with quick movements.

  • If you use styling products, you should wash your hair thoroughly after styling so that no product residue is deposited on the scalp.

  • If you prefer a smoother and shinier finish, you can style your hair with the help of a styling cream, a hair dryer and/or a straightening iron.

  • If you want to give it a distinctive retro touch, comb the ends upwards with a round brush.

  • If you have curly hair, define your curls and give them the moisture they need for a natural bounce.

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Bixie Haircut - What Is It and How to Style It - How to style the Bixie haircut

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Bixie Haircut - What Is It and How to Style It