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What Is a French Crop Haircut?

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By OneHowTo Editor. April 15, 2024
What Is a French Crop Haircut?

Forget the fade, the French Crop is the new must-have men's haircut. This short, textured style has taken the world by storm, offering versatility for all hair types and face shapes. Men's styles are evolving, embracing bold shapes and cuts that reflect a confident, modern attitude. The French Crop embodies this perfectly. Combining short, tapered sides with a textured, blunt fringe, it's a haircut that adapts to various styles and ages.

In this guide by oneHOWTO, we'll explain what the French Crop is and how you can achieve this trendy look at home.

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  1. What is the French crop haircut?
  2. Does French crop suit everyone?
  3. How to do the French crop cut?
  4. Casual tousled look
  5. Elegant and polished style
  6. Texture and volume
  7. French crop fade

What is the French crop haircut?

A timeless with a modern edge, the French crop haircut offers a clean-cut look with a touch of effortless cool. It features short, tapered sides that draw attention to the slightly longer top. The defining characteristic is the blunt-cut fringe that can be styled forward or swept to the side for a touch of individuality. This creates a look that's both tousled and tidy, exuding a youthful and urban vibe.

The French crop's true strength lies in its versatility. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, this adaptable style can be textured for a lived-in feel or kept slightly longer for a more relaxed look. The key lies in maintaining the focus on the top section, with the shorter sides framing the head and highlighting your features.

Does French crop suit everyone?

The French crop haircut is known for being flattering on many face shapes and hair types. Here's why it might be a good fit for many people:

The short sides and textured top can balance out rounder faces, while the fringe can add definition to longer face shapes.

Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or even curly, stylists can adjust the French crop to work with your natural texture. For example, curlier hair might benefit from a slightly longer fringe to avoid puffiness. If you have very fine hair, a super short French crop might not provide enough volume.

From short and clean-cut to textured and messy, there are different variations of the French crop to suit your preference.

The French crop can actually help disguise a receding hairline, but depending on the severity, you might need to discuss styling options with your stylist.

However, it's always a good idea to consult with a stylist to see if the French crop would work for your specific features and hair type. They can advise you on the best length, texture, and fringe style to flatter your face and hair.

How to do the French crop cut?

Don't be fooled by its clean lines, the French crop requires a surprising amount of precision to achieve that perfect balance between cool and polished. While mastering this trendy style at home takes practice, it's certainly achievable with the right steps.

  1. Wash and completely dry your hair for easier cutting and styling.

  2. Decide on your desired top length. Remember, hair texture (straight, wavy, curly) plays a role. This will be the longest section, with shorter sides framing the head.

  3. Section off hair and trim the top to be slightly longer than the sides. This allows for forward or side styling.

  4. Use clippers with a guard size of your choice to create clean, short sides and a tapered back that blends seamlessly.

  5. Use scissors or a razor to lightly texturize the top for a touch of lived-in style. Consider adding subtle layers for volume and movement.

Remember, this is a guide. Don't be afraid to adjust lengths and textures to suit your preferences.

Casual tousled look

One of the easiest ways to style the French crop for everyday wear is with a laid-back approach. Simply comb the front fringe forward and let it fall naturally, embracing a touch of messiness. This creates a fresh and modern look that's perfect for any casual occasion.

You can adjust the fringe position slightly for a more personalized touch. Keep it straight down for a casual vibe, or sweep it to the side for a touch of polish.

What Is a French Crop Haircut? - Casual tousled look

Elegant and polished style

If you prefer a more refined appearance, you can style the fringe to the side for a sleeker finish. This polished version of the French crop is ideal for special occasions or formal settings where a sophisticated look is desired. Remember, this is a guide. Don't be afraid to adjust lengths and textures to suit your preferences.

The French Crop is a great start, but complete your wedding guest attire with our expert advice.

What Is a French Crop Haircut? - Elegant and polished style

Texture and volume

To really elevate your French crop, consider adding texture and volume. Apply a styling product like a clay or mousse with your fingers, sculpting the hair on top for a dynamic and eye-catching look. This is perfect for those who want to make a bold statement.

What Is a French Crop Haircut? - Texture and volume

French crop fade

Feeling adventurous? The French crop is a great base for showcasing your personal style. Play with hair texture using styling products to achieve a spiky or tousled look. Want to stand out even more? Consider adding a pop of color or highlights to the central fringe. This bold approach is sure to turn heads.

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