Updo Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

By Mary Smith. January 27, 2022
Updo Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

Many people think wearing your hair short means you limit the styles and looks you can get. In many ways, it actually opens up new possibilities. For a long time having long, flowing, wavy hair was seen as the epitome of feminine beauty. Hopefully we now know that beauty has no absolute and wearing our hair short can be just as beautiful. The best way to achieve this is to choose a look which is best for us. To see what's best for us, we need options.

At oneHOWTO, we show the best options with our list of updo hairstyle ideas for short hair. If you have short hair which is long enough for an updo, you'll find something to suit your look here which will accentuate your features and give you something fresh.

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Angled updo with bobby pins

When you have no idea how to style short hair, one of your greatest allies is bobby pins. These pins help to control any unruly hairs that want to stray. You can take advantage of these hairpins to design an updo in angles shapes such as triangles, rhombuses or even some letterforms. You only have to comb your hair with gel to give it a wet effect and place the bobby pins to get the shape you want.

Bobby pins are also a great ally if you want to try some 40s pinup style hairdos.

Updo Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair - Angled updo with bobby pins

Bubble braids for short hair

Here is a surprisingly easy updo for short hair. Bubble braids look like they take hours to fix, but are actually a cheat since they are not as intricate as normal braids (unless you want them to be). Take some strands of hair and place bobbles (hair ties) along it until they are evenly spaced out. Then pull the strands apart until you get the desired ‘bubble’ effect. It is a good way to get more volume and texture for a short hair updo.

Updo Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair - Bubble braids for short hair

Updo with a handkerchief

Scarves or handkerchiefs are another great tool, especially if you have short curly hair. It can be used to cover as much or as little of your hair as you like by simply folding it to your preferred width. You can use it as a headband to bunch up your hair or you can wrap it over the entire head and reveal only a fringe. This informal updo for shorthair is a great one if you are in a hurry or simply want a more practical look.

Updo Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair - Updo with a handkerchief

Short hair updo with accessories

This is one of the best updo ideas for short hair. As with the idea of decorating your hair with bobby pins, you also have the option of using accessories that you like the most. Whether they are rhinestones, barrettes or any type of clip you like you can fix your hair combed back and distribute them as you like. This is a great style if you want a ‘wet look’ as it won't work if your locks are free flowing.

To complete the look, there are many options to choose from. Take a look at our guide to wearing jewelry for short hair to learn more.

Updo Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair - Short hair updo with accessories

Loose braids

Another of the ideas of updos for short hair are loose braids. This is a very useful for certain kinds of hairstyles which is the perfect combination of an updo and a plait. To make a loose braid you have to do the following:

  1. Roll the hair from the sides, drawing all the hair from the sides until it reaches behind the ear.
  2. Make a root braid at this point and tie it off with a small hair tie. In this way, all the hair will be collected despite being short. You can also add one or several buns. You can also choose to secure the buns with hairpins to make it a more solid look.
Updo Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair - Loose braids

Braid with a bow

If you like to wear braids in your hair, but its too short for a long one, one of our short hair updo options gives a look which is both elegant and bohemian at the same time. This involves using a bow to keep the hair together. This way you will have a beautiful root braid that gathers the hair together and have it finished off with a delightful bow.

For the braiding itself, check out our guide on how to bohemian braid your hair.

Updo Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair - Braid with a bow

low ponytail

If you have short hair that reaches the ears and you want a simple, but trendy, updo, one of the most basic is to make a tight low ponytail. This is also a great style if you want the wet look. To do this, you have to comb your hair with a thick comb, comb hair gel through and part it in the middle. At the end, tie the hair well at the nape of the neck with a discreet hair tie.

Updo Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair - low ponytail

High updo

Despite having short hair, with the help of some hairpins and some hair bobbles, you can get a high updo that gives freshness and a youthful touch to your hairstyle. The key is to keep it casual so you should collect as much hair as you can in a ponytail at the crown. Then you can give it volume so that it becomes disheveled and irregularly tie all the strands that have been left loose.

Updo Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair - High updo

Crown braid

Do you need more hairstyles for short hair? If you think your hairstyle will work with an upbraid, you can add a little more formality with a crown braid. This is a great updo for short hair, but it is surprisingly easy. Make two root braids that start from the bangs and end at the nape, then affix them together with some hairpins to make it look like a laurel crown.

This style for short hair needs to be done with straight hair. However, if you want more ideas, check our some styles for short hair without using heat.

Updo Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair - Crown braid

Short hair updo with bun extensions

Perhaps one of the points that you like least about having short hair is that, when you pick it up, it is very fine, it lacks shape and doesn't have volume. To give it more oomph, you can use a small bun hair extension as a solution. This will work great for both high and low buns, giving you more volume at the back. All you have to do is calculate the volume of hair that the filling can cover and place it in the hairstyle that you like the most.

The hair bun is a classic and somewhat reserved look. If you want to give it a more funky design, then why not try some glitter roots for your hair.

Updo Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair - Short hair updo with bun extensions

Messy Updo

If you have a straight cut and you want to show off the back part of the neck with your updo, it is best to opt for a messy-style bun. This requires gathering everything into a messy bun at a medium height, tying the loose strands with hair ties, loosening the elastic to create volume and, finally, leaving the entire front part loose. This creates a stepped effect between the bun and the face.

Now you know these updo hairstyles for short hair, you might want to see what you can do with different lengths. If so, check out our guide to stylish looks for short, medium and long hair.

Updo Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair - Messy Updo

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