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How To Dress In A Naïve Style

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Dress In A Naïve Style
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The naïve style is inspired by the French word "naïf" meaning innocent. In the world of fashion, the naïve look is characterised by an innocent, feminine style that somewhat boyish but still sophisticated. The actress Zooey Deschanel is one of the proponents of the naïve style in Hollywood, and her look has captured the attention of many women who now want to dress just like her.

At OneHowTo.com, we'll show you how to dress in a naïve style so you'll discover how to wear this fashion trend that has won itself so many fans.

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  1. Skirts and dresses
  2. How to accessorise the naïve look
  3. Hair and makeup
  4. Fabrics for the naïve look
  5. More fashion looks

Skirts and dresses

The main thing you have to keep in mind when learning how to dress the naïve look is that simplicity is paramount. Banish the bright colours, the over-the-top combinations and the more extreme clothing from your wardrobe; instead, make way for romantic, innocent and childish garments.

  • Miniskirts have become the trademark naïve style garment. Choose pastel-coloured or patterned miniskirts and, in particular, skirts with flowery patterns , as they add a touch of innocence to your look. To learn how to choose the right skirt for this look, picture the classic skirts worn by little girls, the ones with lace, embroidery or pastel colours. This is the style you need to look for to dress the naïve look.
  • Dresses are also key garments in the naïve look. Baby-doll style dresses with Peter Pan collars are usually the favoured style. There are various types of these naïve dresses: you can choose a pastel-coloured dress or, if you prefer, you can opt for polka dots, flowers or any other retro print.

One tip for finding the right dress or skirt is to make sure that it has plenty of volume in the skirt. In fact, the more volume, or swing, the better because it only enhances the childish, innocent aura we're aiming for with the naïve look.

How To Dress In A Naïve Style - Skirts and dresses
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How to accessorise the naïve look

Accessories are great stylistic pieces for helping you to fully embrace the naïve look. Adding a few accessories can help you to transform your naïve style into something that's worthy of the catwalk.

  • Bags are essential accessories for your look. The best ones are very small leather bags or rectangular bags.
  • Caps and hats are accessories that you should also wear with your naïve look to add a retro feel. In summer, a white Panama hat goes great; in winter, go for "dandy" hats that add an elegant touch to your style.
  • Hair Accessories are also essential to get the naïve look. Opt for headbands, bows, flowers or children's scrunchies.
  • You could even go all out with a pair of white socks. The on-trend shoe for dressing the naïve look is the ankle boot but, if you want to faithfully follow this trend, it's best to dress them up with frilly ankle socks. This way, you'll maximise the innocent, childlike nature of your style.
How To Dress In A Naïve Style - How to accessorise the naïve look
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Hair and makeup

In order to dress the naïve look it is also important to take care when styling your hair and makeup. As previously mentioned, the key to this style is to look as innocent and childlike as possible; therefore, keep your hair and makeup quite natural to get the naïve style.

  • When it comes to makeup, the naïve style is quite natural, and dominated by nude and pink tones. No red or bright colours: stick to pastels to complement your naïve look.
  • The best hairstyle for a naïve style is also simple and natural. You can wear hair accessories previously mentioned or, if you prefer, you can put your hair in up a simple bun, ponytail or a half-up, half-down style. In the following article we'll give you an idea for styling your hair in a bun with a bow, a hairstyle that goes well with the naïve look.
How To Dress In A Naïve Style - Hair and makeup
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Fabrics for the naïve look

As previously mentioned, the basic items of the naïve look are skirts and baby-doll dresses. However, there are some specific fabrics that are ideal for dressing according to the rules of this fashionable style. These fabrics hark back to the romance and innocence of childhood, such as lace, satin, silk and even transparent fabrics.

How To Dress In A Naïve Style - Fabrics for the naïve look
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More fashion looks

Now you know how to dress the naïve look. If you like this style of fashion, you'll no doubt also love other similar styles, such as the vintage look or the romantic look. Check them out and don't miss the latest trends from the fashion world!

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Image: www.missnaif.com
Image: blog.es.privalia.com
Image: www.mujeraldia.com
Image: www.missnaif.com
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How To Dress In A Naïve Style