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What to Wear with Mint Green: Combination Tips

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: October 5, 2017
What to Wear with Mint Green: Combination Tips
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Mint green, a pale pastel color in the range of spring green, is in this season. Just one look at a shop or a quick browse online results in plenty of mint green shirts, bags, skirts, dresses and even shoes. You can find almost any garment or accessory in this shade of green, but as on-trend and eye-catching as this color is, many of us run into problems when looking for colors to wear with it.

Don't worry, matching mint green is not as difficult as it looks. There are some simple rules on what to wear with mint green, which will be revealed in the following oneHOWTO article with combination tips.

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What do mint green outfits look like?

Mint green is a light and soft color, and will therefore work well with a number of different shades and tones. Mint green dresses are always a hit as they have a cheerful, carefree appeal that works great with naive or romantic styles. This is also a perfect color for a bridesmaid dress due to its soft and romantic nature.

However, that doesn't mean you can only wear green with flouncy clothes like dresses or A-line skirts. Pastel colors don't necessarily have to look naive and springy; in fact, they work great with dark colors and harder fabrics, like a leather jacket or combat boots.

To know what to mint green clothes to choose and how to accessorize your mint green outfit for the perfect look, we recommend the following article on makeup tips for green eyes.

How to combine mint green: Color theory

The main basis you need to learn how to combine colors is color theory. You can explore it in more detail in our article on how to combine colors in menswear, but as a rule of thumb you only need to know that colors look best with analogous colors at the same level of intensity, or complementary colors of different intensities.

  • Analogous colors: In the color wheel, mint green is near aquamarine blue and yellow. If you want to match them, though, you should choose pastel shades.
  • Complementary colors: The opposite shade of spring green is rose. Therefore, intense shades of rose, like fuchsia, brink pink, raspberry, rose taupe, China rose or tea rose will combine well with mint pink. Pastel and pale roses, on the other hand, will wash it out.
  • Neutral colors: White and black work well with all colors, so they're a sure bet.

What accessories to wear with mint green

Mint green is a pale color, so it's a good base to try statement necklaces, big metallic rings or bracelets and any other eye-grabbing accessory you can think of. All metallic shades look good with mint green, but silver can fade a little. Try gold, and especially copper or auburn.

As mint green is soft, it goes well with bolder and brighter shades - as long as they are not too near in the color wheel. Try pairing mint green with fluorescent colors if funky, bold looks are your style.

What to Wear with Mint Green: Combination Tips - What accessories to wear with mint green

What clothes to wear with mint green

If you're looking for a spring or summer look, mint green is a sure bet. If you need to match other pieces, we recommend beach shades like coral, sand, and even navy blue. You will look bright and cheerful but still sophisticated, and they're great combinations for daytime events like an outdoors wedding.

You can always pair a mint piece, be it the main thing or an accessory, with neutral colors such as white, black, nude or charcoal gray. They are versatile and fail-safe, and you will look elegant for sure.

Another way to look create in a mint green dress is by pairing it with pastel colors and romantic-style shirts, cardigans and ballet pumps for a cute, pretty look. Both gold and nude are a good color combination for mint green dresses.

Contrast mint green with strong and striking colors, such as coral, orange red, maroon or even a bright orchid color - this will certainly minimize the romantic look often associated with mint green.

For a naive style look, try mint-green dresses and skirts made from delicate fabrics. Combine with white pumps for a laid back look, or with ballet flats or loafers for a more sophisticated look. Make sure that they are white, brown or black.

What to Wear with Mint Green: Combination Tips - What clothes to wear with mint green

These are our recommendations on how to wear mint green and how to combine it. What are your favorite ways to wear this pastel shade?

Tell us in the comments section!

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What to Wear with Mint Green: Combination Tips