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What to Wear with Green Trousers

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: September 7, 2017
What to Wear with Green Trousers
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At first, green trousers may seem difficult to accessories with other clothes, but the truth is that they are not. Given that the color range is very broad and that we must always take into account what time of year it is, there are many options available. In this oneHOWTO article, we explain in detail what to wear with green trousers.

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  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Nude or beige
  4. Blue
  5. Pink
  6. Prints
  7. What colour shoes to wear with green trousers


One of the traditional combinations to wear with green trousers is white, a safe bet that you can use in casual wear with a t-shirt or opt for a blouse for more formal occasions. This is a perfect combination for office-wear, as white shirts will match with the more laid back and casual green color.

What to Wear with Green Trousers - White
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Another classic when combining green trousers is a black top, the colour that goes with everything (or almost everything...!). As in the previous case, you can adapt to your look and choose the garment that best suits the occasion. However, this is a great way for a casual chic style, more adequate for more formal events that require a little more etiquette, which is why it will give more glamour to your outfit.

Darker shades of green may not look too good with black. Military, olive or bright green are the most recommended shades to go with black.

What to Wear with Green Trousers - Black
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Nude or beige

If you want to give your trousers all the attention, we recommend combining them with a shirt or jacket in nude or beige. Thus, attention will not focus on the colour of the garment but on the trousers. Nude is a color that can go with any shade of green, so this is one of the safest choices.

What to Wear with Green Trousers - Nude or beige
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You can also combine green trousers with a blue shirt, well, this option gives you a lot of leeway with the different shades of blue: ocean, sky, electric or klein, etc. It is kind of tricky to find the perfect match when it comes to the tone of the color but, as you can see below, bold shades of these two colors will match perfectly, as do two pastel tones. Find the one you like!

What to Wear with Green Trousers - Blue


Green and pink are complementary colours, but that does not mean they cannot be combined, quite the contrary! Whether pale pink to a bolder fuchsia there are plenty of options for a great and daring look.Your safest option is to go with pale pink, which will suit you no matter the shade of your green trousers. However, you can use brighter pink tones for a more bold look with the color blocking technique.

What to Wear with Green Trousers - Pink


Also, you can also accessorise your green trousers with patterned shirts whether flowers, animal print, stripes, etc. Most type of prints go with green. This color is perfectly suited with vertical stripes, especially in combinations such as white and blue or cream and light pink.

Make sure none of the colors on the top clash with the trousers or the explosion of color is not too much or you will end up looking like a Christmas tree.

Get more fashion advice from oneHOWTO. Find out which colours suit you best and how to combine colours in clothes.

What to Wear with Green Trousers - Prints

What colour shoes to wear with green trousers

One of the most common doubts is what colour shoes to wear with green trousers. The fact is that it will hugely depend on what color top you're wearing.

There are several options. You can choose a shoe in the same color as your top, which is always a safe choice. However, if you want to combine other colored shoes, we'd advise you to go for a neutral color that will go with every single color such as black, white, grey or nude color shoes. If you're wearing mint green you're in luck! At oneHOWTO we've created an article that will show you what to wear with a mint green outfit!

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What to Wear with Green Trousers