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How To Wear Electric Blue Pants

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Wear Electric Blue Pants
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Electric blue trousers are great to wear all year and especially during the summer time when our wardrobe is bursting with colour. But sometimes, we are presented with the question about what colour combinations to wear, since electric blue is already very colorful and the choice should be appropriate. In this OneHowTo article we offer some tips on what colours go with electric blue pants.

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  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Gray or beige
  4. Mustard
  5. Golden
  6. Pink or fuchsia
  7. Colour-blocking
  8. Prints
  9. Total look
  10. More options
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One of the most classic choices when styling electric blue trousers is white . It will be a sure hit! White makes the blue stand out even more.

How To Wear Electric Blue Pants - White
Image: creationvlc.blogspot.com.es


Also, another classic possibility to combine with electric blue is black, a classic and elegant choice, but that you can also play up. Add some accessories to complete your look and you're divine!

How To Wear Electric Blue Pants - Black
Image: shessoobsessed.wordpress.com

Gray or beige

Another low-risk choice (but also a safe bet) is to combine the electric blue trousers with a grey or beige shirt or blouse. Being fairly neutral colours, they enhance the blue.

How To Wear Electric Blue Pants - Gray or beige
Image: kimberlyloc.com


You can achieve a must-have look if you combine your electric blue trousers with a mustard-coloured top.

How To Wear Electric Blue Pants - Mustard
Image: lichfieldgazette.co.uk


Following the same range, you can also choose a golden blouse, shirt, etc. It is especially recommended for evening looks, it will give you a sparkly touch that will surprise a lot.

How To Wear Electric Blue Pants - Golden
Image: 20min.ch

Pink or fuchsia

Pink or fuchsia are two good combinations for electric blue, and you get a nice contrast between two strong colours.

How To Wear Electric Blue Pants - Pink or fuchsia
Image: revistacuore.com


Colour-blocking is dressing with colored blocks, without patterns and usually with a lot of contrast between them. In this way, you can combine your electric blue trousers with bright colors such as yellow, apple green, orange etc.

How To Wear Electric Blue Pants - Colour-blocking


Similarly, we can also choose to combine printed garments with our electric blue trousers. For example, a navy or sailor style t-shirt can be great, polka dots or even a floral print.

How To Wear Electric Blue Pants - Prints

Total look

If you want to really stand out with your electric blue trousers, a good option is to go for a total look with a blazer or jacket in exactly the same tone. Wear a white shirt underneeth so it makes more contrast.

How To Wear Electric Blue Pants - Total look
Image: lookbook.nu

More options

Electric blue is also an ideal clothes colour, so in this article we explain how to wear blue shoes, how to wear a cobalt blue dress or how to wear blue boots.

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Image: kimberlyloc.com
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How To Wear Electric Blue Pants