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How to Wear Beige Pants

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. June 2, 2021
How to Wear Beige Pants

Nineties fashion is back again. Perhaps because it is a style which itself steals a lot from the past, it is understandable it provides such persistent style. When we look at the colors, shapes and styles of this era, the beige pant is perhaps one of the most defining. Not only is it a garment which scream chic, it is one of the most versatile colors in our wardrobe. This doesn't mean you can't go wrong with khaki.

At oneHOWTO, we provide 7 outfits to give inspiration to those wanting to know how to wear beige pants. Whether something for everyday wear or a special occasion, your beige pant style can be just the right thing to feel fashionable.

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  1. Beige dress pants
  2. High-waist beige trousers
  3. Straight beige pants
  4. Wide beige pants
  5. Beige flared pants
  6. Dark beige pants
  7. Light beige pants

Beige dress pants

Beige is a faithful companion to formal wear, adding style to an otherwise bland office look. One of the most tried and tested fashions with beige pants is a single-colored shirt with a beige blazer. Blue, burgundy and even black can be the perfect combination for beige dress pants. If you are looking for something more daring, you can contrast the beige pants with a pin stripe shirt. However, it is best to not have shirt which is too busy,

If striped clothing is indeed your bag, take a look at our related article on what to wear with stripes.

High-waist beige trousers

The high waist is no longer a garment for old men playing chess in the park. They are for young, old or however you identify. While it never completely goes away, it is back with aplomb at the minute. Whether you want to highlight your hips, reduce your waist or lengthen your legs, a high-waist might be just for you. It is also surprisingly easy to combine.

The first thing we should look for with high-waist beige pants is some type of garment which offsets them. This should be a crop top or even a slim tee which can be tucked into the pant. Otherwise, you won't be able to show off the high waist. It is great for summer, but when combined with a khaki overcoat, it can be ideal in winter too.

If you want to accessorize, brown booties might be just the thing to finish off the high-waist look.

Straight beige pants

Straight trousers are making a revolution this year and beige can give your outfits a much more urban and elegant tone. The best way to combine this type of cut is combining it with sports shoes, a belt and a basic white T-shirt. If you need something more, accompanying it with a sweatshirt or denim jacket are your best bets. However, you can also make it a bit more formal by wearing a light-colored shoe and a patterned T-shirt.

If you want some other ideas for an urban-chic look, why not try out a street style poncho?

Wide beige pants

This style of cut is ideal for the warmer months, as it gives your looks a summery and casual style. If the material is also linen or a similar fabric, the best combination could be with brown sandals and a white or black tank top.

The wide-style pant is very comfortable and loose, so do not hesitate to let it be known with your look that you want to be carefree on any given day.

Beige flared pants

Yes, bell bottoms are back, but not in the 2000s style we are happy has long gone. Rather, we are talking about the elegant 70s style which is more upper-crust bohemian than skeezy rocker. This type of pant will depend on your body type. Anyone can wear them, but we should remember that having more fabric on the lower part of your body means you might want to reduce what you have on top.

Ideally, with beige flares you want something tight and thin. A tie-neck shirt or a turtleneck might be your best option.

Dark beige pants

If we focus more on the color of the pants and not so much on their cut, we highlight that dark beige tends to have a more youthful and informal in style. Being almost a brownish color, we can follow the earthy line and combine it with top of the same or similar tone. If we are looking for contrast, we can try white or red. This type of color usually works in the case of combining it with a black t-shirt with matching boots or also in the case of dressing with a white t-shirt and sports shoes.

How to Wear Beige Pants - Dark beige pants

Light beige pants

Light beige is usually a much more formal tone, perfectly combined with dress, office or even more elegant looks. Its tone is very close to white so it can be a little more complex to combine. Lately one of the combinations that is working the most with this tone of pant is a look that matches a denim jacket, white shirt and brown belt. Footwear can be varied. This might look great with a cheeky pair of brogues, but might be just as classy with a clean pair of Chuck Taylors.

As you have seen, beige colors offer more possibilities than many other tones. Your allies with this tone will always be the basic colors of your wardrobe. You should also be clear about the cut and style you want to give it, although you can always dare to experiment and something that gives it a different style.

Now you know how to wear beige pants, you can see what to do with a beige coat to round out the look!

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How to Wear Beige Pants