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What Shoes Go With An Electric Blue Dress

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What Shoes Go With An Electric Blue Dress

Have you purchased a beautiful electric blue dress and do not know what shoes will go with it? Do not worry, because you're not the only it happens to! Many times we fall in love with bright coloured clothes and then do not know which accessories to wear with it. This is the case of electric blue dresses, because the choice of shoes and other accessories determines the success or failure of the outfit. In this OneHowTo article we'll detail what shoes go with an electric blue dress.

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  1. Nude
  2. Black
  3. Silver
  4. Gold
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Nude or beige is one of the colours that goes best with electric blue dresses. With a pair of neutral shoes, you are putting your dress on the forefront. Don't expect anyone to notice your shoes, this option are for those who love their dress and want it to stand out.

What Shoes Go With An Electric Blue Dress - Nude
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Another good option that goes with electric blue dresses are black shoes, as you get spectacular results thanks to the contrast between the two colours. Do not choose adorned shoes, but rather a simple pair of shoes that highlight your legs and that you will be able to wear on many different occasions.

What Shoes Go With An Electric Blue Dress - Black
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An electric blue dress also looks great with a pair of silver shoes because they provide a unique touch of shine to your outfit. But try not to get bright or adorned silver shoes as this can have the opposite effect, and stand out too much. The best bet will be the faintest silver tones, close to gray.

What Shoes Go With An Electric Blue Dress - Silver


Although some reviews say gold shoes are not the best recommendation for electric blue dresses, if chosen properly they can be perfect. In the same way as with the silver, if you choose gold you have to find a suitable soft tone so they don't shine too much, which will completely take away the attention from your beautiful gown, and the result will be tacky and disastrous.

What Shoes Go With An Electric Blue Dress - Gold

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Electric Blue or cobalt blue is an ideal color for other clothes, so we give you more ideas on:

What Shoes Go With An Electric Blue Dress - Learn more
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  • Never combine an electric blue dress with blue shoes.
  • Choose shoes that best suit your style, though heels will always enhance your figure.
  • Opt for a bag that matches your shoes.
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Image: In Their Closet
Image: What 2 wear where
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What Shoes Go With An Electric Blue Dress